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It’s 2023 and The Women’s Circles continue to expand. We have circle hosts stepping up in many areas so check out the link below for a Women’s Wellness Circle in your area.

In the 2005, Jill Hewlett founded the Women’s Wellness Circle of York Region as a way to nurture, uplift and empower women. From those early days, summer circles were hosted at the country property of Karen Armstrong. This dynamic team began to co-host the York Region Circle until Jill moved to the city.

2012 was the year to bring another long time vision into reality with the expansion of Circle to Jill’s current home base of Toronto. Now – just four years later, there are numerous hosts and locations to choose from.

The Women’s Wellness Circle has provided the opportunity for a group of like-minded and like-spirited women to connect to greater passion, play and purpose in their lives! Gathering in circle is a tradition that has been celebrated across the ages, to further enhance one’s sense of self and sense of community. Each month carries a unique and inspired theme as we invite gifted presenters to share with the group.

Join us for gentle movement, simple meditations, activities in partners and small groups that assist us in excavating and creating your truest expression of self! You are welcome to join whenever it fits into your schedule or the speaker of the month draws you out.

For information on Newmarket/EG Circle, please click here.


Complete List of Women’s Wellness Circles

If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you! Find a complete list of Women’s Wellness Circles at this link. Click here.

What participants are saying:

“There is just something incredibly powerful about a circle of women…. this, life and experience has taught me… and never more powerful then when they have accessed their hearts. Jill and Karen provide the perfect atmosphere for heart access. I don’t attend each month, but when i do i wonder why i ever allow myself to miss a gathering…. sometimes i think ‘it’s late, perhaps i’ll just turn in early tonight’ then i come home from Circle inspired, empowered and energized grateful for the invitation to participate, listen and be. I am so grateful for these opportunities to restore balance within myself, to connect and share with others. Thank you for these opportunities to learn new perspectives and create wholeness.” 

MLB Aurora, ON

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“Women’s Circle Night is a special night for me because it has become a cherished time that I reserve for myself once every month, to join other like minded and hearted ladies to explore new and interesting topics, in a safe environment.

In fact, just knowing that there is such a wonderful group of women in our community, who have similar values and interests, is very comforting to me. Each month brings with it the excited, anticipation of who the guest speaker will be and what the topic will be.

I have been enjoying “Circle Night” for a few years now and I still look forward to being there every month; to learn, share and enjoy the company of the many unassuming and yet gifted women who also choose to attend.

The bottom line for me is that Women’s Circle Night is a fun monthly gathering.

I’m grateful to Jill Hewlett and Karen Armstrong for hosting these wonderful events”

Dianne H.

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 “I really enjoy the monthly Women’s Circle as I find it helps me to escape and recharge from everyday life. The women I have met are diverse in age and background but share a common goal of growth. I think many women could benefit from the welcoming nature and energy of the group as Circle always feels like a supportive and safe place to me. Summer circles have the added bonus of a beautiful outdoor location to let nature add to the pleasure. Singing birds, sunsets, grazing deer and a warm and welcoming fire offer the opportunity to find true joy in nature. Each month there is new knowledge to be gained, sometimes the lessons are small some large but always there is some growth and movement on my journey. Sometimes the most important lesson for me comes from others sharing their stories. When a woman shared a comment from her son “Mom how come you never take the good toast?” that was a powerful message for me in a few simple words.”

Gail B.

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“I absolutely love going to the Women’s Circles. Jill and Karen are fabulous hosts who are warm and welcoming and always seem to find the most interesting people to share their knowledge and experiences with us. I do my best not to miss any Circles, even when the topic is something I’m not totally interested in. There is always something new to learn and the atmosphere is very open and non-judgemental. There is an air of serene calmness combined with the power of like minded women wishing to expand their knowledge. I especially treasure the Summer Circles as they are held outside under the moon & stars, around a campfire at Karen’s house. Thank you Jill & Karen – it’s always a pleasure.” 

Jo Anne M.

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    • Karen says:

      Thanks for registering for the February Circle Faye. We are at Sharon Hope United Church at 18648 Leslie Street until June when we move outside until September. See you soon,

  1. Joy Speyer-Routis says:

    I am interested in receiving e mails and being part of the woman’s circle. I did register last fall however I have not as yet been contacted. I very much look forward to hearing from you. I also have worked in the field of womans wellness for many years and need some nurturing myself. Joy. My cell phone is 905 751 9075

  2. Shimmie Liebman says:

    Hi Karen,

    I would like my women’ group to be register for Carolyn Molnar April 28th.
    Can you please advise the site to register?

    Thank you!

    • Karen Armstrong says:

      Hi Shimmie – I believe we have now spoken, however to be sure I will answer. Your group is welcome to join us for April’s Circle and can register via e-mail to karen@in-side-out.com or via phone 905-836-2781. Payment of $20.00 is made at the door on the evening. I look forward to welcoming your group. The March 31st evening will also be wonderful – Jenn Pike on Happy Bodies and Happy Hormones at Any Age!


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