To many, words such as biophotons, light therapy and biontology seem very new, even a little mysterious. Surprisingly, this very science can actually be traced back to ancient Egypt. However, it wasn’t until much later, the 1970’s actually, that Fritz-Albert Popp confirmed the existence of biophotons. It was he, who discovered that light emanates from every living cell at a rate of 100,000 impulses of light per second. These impulses are called biophotons.

As a biophoton therapist, I trained at the Academy of Applied Biophoton Sciences, in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada.

Experience has revealed that through the use of biophoton light therapy, we are able to eliminate disturbances in the body which impede the body’s own natural healing process. The focus is to identify the underlying disturbances rather than treating the symptoms.

Biophoton Resonance Therapy is completely safe, painless and non-invasive. You will likely see results almost immediately and generally, within 3-5 sessions, the main cause of your symptoms is identified or disappears.

Please take a few minutes to view this video of an interview I did recently with Medea Chechik of We Evolve TV.


I want to work with motivated individuals who are ready to makes changes. My goal is to realign your body’s balance with as few appointments as possible, give you back your health and put joy back into your life!

In order to achieve this goal, I use a Chiren instrument in conjunction with unique software. With the Chiren, I am able to investigate 120 meridian or acupuncture points on your fingers and toes, revealing any imbalances (incoherent light) where disturbances occur. Because every meridian point is associated with a particular organ of the body, this way of locating the disturbance is efficient and precise. Measurements are visible on the computer screen, audible and may be empirically measured (repeated measurements produce the same result).

Who Should Not Be Treated

People who have received organ transplants, including those who have pig valves in their heart and people who have artificial arteries, veins, shunts or artificial urethras should not be treated with this system. This therapy increases the immune system to the extent that foreign organs could be rejected Other forms of prosthetics do not present a problem.

After Treatment Follow Up

After treatment it is natural to feel somewhat tired. This fatigue can last up to a day and is caused by the body’s effort to eliminate the disturbances and wastes, which are part of the detoxification process. The detoxification process works to cleanse internal systems and restore health.

Areas of Treatment including but not limited to:

• Anxiety Disorders • Skin Problems
• Headaches/Migraines • Gall Stones
• Vision Problems • Kidney Stones
• Hearing Problems • Cancers
• Blocked Coronaries • Thyroid
• Sinusitis • High Blood Pressure
• Allergies • Diabetes
• Heart Problems • Vaccine Reactions
• Menopause • Athletic Performance
• Circulation Issues • Constipation
• Stomach Problems • Chronic Fatigue
• Food Poisoning • Lower Back Pain
• Digestive Issues • Depression
• Infertility

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Testimonial: I was feeling very lethargic and unhappy with very little energy. I had been running full throttle for almost a year previous, being caregiver for my partner. When I first went to see Karen A. for a treatment, she said all my organ systems were depleted, which made sense to me, since I had no energy at all.

By the second appointment, I felt lighter and my outlook was more positive. At work, one of my co-workers, who is very intuitive, approached me excitedly and said ” What has shifted in you? You are full of light!”

My response was, ” I had another BioPhoton treatment.”

I am continuing to feel better after each session and my whole outlook and energy level has improved. K.Dorland, Bradford


My face is not puffy anymore and my age spots have considerably faded!!  YAY!!!  I’m a fairly healthy person, but had a few small irritations, like the puffiness in my face, that I couldn’t get rid of through supplements, detoxes, diet, exercise or other treatments and therapies.  Karen and the Biophoton Light Therapy machine diagnosed ‘heavy metal toxins’ (specifically lead and fluoride), and an imbalance with my gall bladder and liver (and I’ve never had any traditional gall bladder or liver symptoms).  Within days I noticed the puffiness gone, and my age spots had lightened.  After having previously gone through a few detoxes, and was supported with homeopathy when I had my mercury fillings taken out, I would never have considered I had lead and fluoride accumulated in my body (I don’t drink water or use toothpaste with fluoride in it, and I have no idea where the lead came from).  By neutralizing the heavy metals and balancing my gall bladder and liver, my body is now able to function at a MUCH MORE efficient level.  Aside from the obvious physical benefits, I feel an elevated sense of well-being.  And did I mention my age spots have faded?  J Vassos

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      • Margaret says:

        Hi Karen:

        I didn’t mean an office for Meridian Energies, I meant the Academy…like, the school. I check things out very carefully and this “Academy” doesn’t seem to exist. It makes me very leery of all this. How can you say you trained at an “Academy of Biophonton Science” when it doesn’t exist?

        • Karen Armstrong says:

          Hi Margaret,
          Thanks for your note back, now I understand better what you are looking for. Since I took my training, the organization has changed. My actual trainer is still operating out of Collingwood at the website I gave you however the school has moved headquarters in North America to California. You can check it out at as this is the training I received. Should you wish to speak to me directly, we can set up a time or feel free to contact my trainer, Paul McDonald for reference. He has been working with the system for over 10 years and trained directly with Johan Boswinkle.

  1. Frances says:

    Hello, I am currently going through a case of lyme disease and was wondering what benefits your system might have for this. I thank you for your time. Frances

    • Karen Armstrong says:

      Hi Frances,
      The Biophoton Light therapy is used extensively in Europe to support and heal Lyme. Your immune system will be compromised and so we initially target this area and see what your body reveals for the priority of the next areas. I have experienced positive results for clients with Lyme in my practice. Feel free to call me to discuss more. 905-836-2781.


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