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Intention Words 2023 Karen Armstrong

2023 Intention Word

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will be well aware of my New Year’s practice of creating my intention words that guide the overall vision of my year. Like many, I found that New Year’s resolutions did not have enough…
A small river flowing through a forest

Going with the Flow

I am back and so happy to be sharing my updates with you. It has been a year since I announced my Sabbatical and took some time away from the office and my writing. So much has happened and the biggest lesson I have taken from this past year…
a photo of tree tops taken looking up to the sky. They're dusted with snow and in the middle of the photo it says 2022

2022 Intention Words

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I’m a bit behind the eight ball in getting my 2022 Intention Words out.  They were created on the New Moon of January 2nd and have been very much part of my presence and practice over the past couple of weeks but I was resistant to getting…
Karen - Fall 2021

A Time for Sabbatical

Sabbatical; a leave from duties and responsibilities in order to reset, research and rejuvenate. As we approach the full moon partial eclipse on Friday, the impulse that has been bubbling up in me over the past few months can no longer be…