Sometimes life calls us to recalibrate, to breathe, to trust our inner guidance and move forward with patience, creativity and kindness.

This truly feels like one of those times. We will never forget the unfolding of 2020 and it will surely go down in history for generations to reflect on and hopefully learn from.

What I am learning is that updates are coming in very quickly that are not what we necessarily want to hear. There is anxiousness, fear and some panic. Those feelings do not always bring out the best attributes of our humanness and we are hearing some of those stories.

We are also hearing of truly generous and kind stories of people reaching out and helping each other. The forced shut down of business and road travel in China has produced this staggering unofficial result:

“The two months of pollution reduction, Burke calculates, has probably saved the lives of 4,000 children under 5 and 73,000 adults over 70 in China. That’s significantly more than the current global death toll from the virus itself.” (credit)

I am learning that to make great change sometimes takes great challenges. I am learning to increase my inward reflection and trust what comes forth. I am having wonderful dinners and conversations with my family. We are expressing our gratitude for what we have.

No matter what our personal views are, this is very real right now and we are all being asked to be part of the solution to keep the spread down.

Inside Out Events Postponed

In light of that, Inside Out will be postponing all reiki training classes and practice days as well as in person client sessions until restrictions are lifted.

We will be postponing the upcoming Enneagram Relationship Workshop scheduled for April 19th, to August 30th.

The monthly Women’s Wellness Circles will take place in an online format for this month and if all goes well, April may follow suit. I will be posting updates on my website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Reiki healing will still be available for those comfortable with distant treatments. Please reach out to me to book these personal sessions.

Let’s take this time to birth in a new reality and hold a vision for the world we want to live in. May kindness prevail.

Please stay in touch,