It is no surprise that our current worldwide Covid-19 health conditions are changing the way we interact on a personal and business basis.  My monthly Women’s Wellness Circle is no exception.  As the social distancing measures rolled out during the 3rd week of March 2020, and with Circle fast approaching on the 4th Thursday, a decision needed to be made.

Do I cancel this amazing event completely or try bringing it to an new online platform?  The answer was a definite; let’s try to bring this month’s Women’s Wellness Circle to an online platform.

I had a fantastic coach in Dany Spencer who led me through tutorials and thankfully the Zoom platform is a very user friendly one to host a meeting.  Dany posted a simple cheat sheet on the FB Circle Event page and I found a short You Tube tutorial to post. I had a strong attendance response for March’s presenter, Chris Anne Donnelly and wondered if it could be as meaningful to connect through computer or smartphone screens.

The Virtual Accessibility Actually Increased Overall Attendees

Our night arrived and to my thrill, 35 women joined in.  Not only did I have my local attendees; with the virtual venue, I had women join from B.C., Toronto, Collingwood and Bracebridge.  Chris Anne is very comfortable communicating authentically online after developing her numerous tarot decks with an international team for Hay House.  I am continually in awe of how spirit works to support Circle.

We had such a special evening, connecting inward with a meditation, having a beautiful conversation on how we were experiencing the unfolding of the new conditions and finally receiving a personal card message from Chris Anne.  All left feeling just like we do when we gather in person…reconnected, uplifted and knowing we have others supporting us during all times.

I pressed record on our call once we had tuned in and then my amazing technical team; Rosewood have loaded it onto my YouTube channel.  Those who wish to listen to our call, please connect here.

April’s Circle will take place next week, April 23rd under the same format. Last month’s experiment was a totally free event.  This month, I am requesting a ‘pay what you’ can via e-transfer to  The registration link will be forwarded to all those I hear from.  This month we have Dr. Laura Foster of Soul Inspired Gurl who will lead a very heart centered session on what is bubbling up for us in these days and how to access the call of our heart. Be sure to join us.

As always – thank you for your amazing support.  Women’s Wellness Circle feeds our soul and desire for connecting with like-minded women.  We were made for these times, a global reset button has been activated.  Let’s co-create the world we want to live in on the other side of Covid19.

Check out both presenters:

Till next time, treat yourself and others with kindness,


February Inspiration - Getting Through Winter - Reiki newmarket, energy Healing with Karen Armstrong

Here we are in our 7th week of 2019, still in the thick of winter here in Southern Ontario. And I am noticing that many around are having a tough time feeling happy.

Some are fortunate to head on a southern holiday in the sun and take time away with friends or loved ones. Some find a distraction in events like Valentine’s Day or the numerous shows taking place like the GTA Home Show, The Spring Camping & RV Show, The International Auto Show, The Woodworking Show, etc. Some just wonder how they are going to make it until Spring when our days are longer, the weather is warming up and the colours of nature come back to life.

The Search for Purpose & Meaning

My sense is that many are looking for purpose and meaning in their lives. When we can tap into that energy, it fuels us forward. How do we do that?  Of course, it is a different path for each of us.  A path that requires time, curiosity and patience.

Gregg Braden shares an idea in his book, The Divine Matrix, that when thought, feeling and emotion become one then miracles happen. When we can come from our heart, we are not in fear or anxiousness. This is huge because fear is everywhere around us. It takes consistent daily practice to disconnect from the cultural consciousness of fear and listen to the wise still voice within.

My consistent daily practice happens to be reiki.  It did not begin that way but has grown to become my spiritual practice.  It is the way I can tune into myself and the creative energy that unites all entities within our universe. It is the way I can have a touchpoint to my purpose. I remember that my life and all life are sacred.  I remember that I am here to share my love and light in all that I do.  There are many positive support tools available for us to infuse into our daily practice to instill a sense of peace and inner strength.  A couple are listed at the end of this article.

Making the Best of Winter

Winter provides us with time to hunker down in our own cozy place and read, listen and expand our own beingness past where we have been.  We can then bring this new awareness into the spring and into more of our doing activities.

Let’s take this time to seek our own inspiration so that we become the uplifter of our life. That will automatically ripple out to everything around us.

Here are a couple of resources to check out:

  1. Insight Timer App, a free app for your smart device. One of my favourites for meditation is Sarah Blondin.
  2. Mind Valley  another great site to explore for transformational global education programs.
  3. Finally, a link to a beautiful 11-minute uplifting video that was shared with me by Dean Noblett of Heartlight in Schomberg.

Please feel free to share your inspirational resources here for other readers to see. Remember to spoil yourself with some love this Valentine’s Day.  If we fill our tank, we always have lots to share.

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intention words Karen Armstrong inside out aurora

Welcome to 2019. Those who have followed me for a while know that instead of determining New Year’s Resolutions, I like to create my Intention Words that guide me for the year ahead. These are words that will inspire my decisions, creativity and my beingness for the year ahead. They have always provided results in the most miraculous ways, and so the motivation for me to continue this practice is very high.

I usually take the few weeks leading up to the New Year to go through the process of choosing three intention words; this time was an exception though. My first two words came to me very quickly. And though I knew there was another word pending, it did not present itself. Not until my last reiki session. It took a deep inner process for my third intention word to surface. So here they are:


This beautiful word comes from the Brain Gym training I did back in the early 90’s. I know I’m not alone when I say, time feels as though

it’s speeding up. There is a direct correlation between what I expect to get done in a given amount of time, and the end result of those expectations as they combine with the realities of each day.

I truly love what I do, and I want to accomplish as much as possible. However, I am paying a price for the Pace I’ve been keeping. My whole being is communicating with me. Trying to get the message through to me that a gentler Pace would serve me much better than my current one. To assist me in setting a more conscious pace I began to incorporate the Five Minute Journal into my daily routine, and have already seen positive results from this simple step.


This fits right in line with my body’s desire for a gentler PACE. I am craving a higher level nourishment for my mind, body and spirit. This has been a consistent journey over my awakening consciousness path. I have come a long way from only focusing my energy outward, towards serving others, and not on serving myself. I actually had no idea how to do that at first.

It started with giving myself permission to book regular massage, osteopath and pedicure appointments. From there I began to scheduled days off to do what I wanted, like registering for courses that educate me to nourish myself better. This year, I’ve moving back to basics. I plan to nourish myself each day with my thoughts, by setting a realistic pace, spending time outdoors, gathering fresh flowers, drinking tea, taking walks with friends and reading good books. And I look forward to learning more nourishing tips along the way.

Fearless Love

This was the one that showed up last week. Last year held many shifts for my clients and within my family. I’ve always believed that love can conquer all, change all and shine through in the end. I have trusted in that. There is a visceral reaction within me when I say fearless love. As though I’m ready to put all my belief in this inner power to the test and see where it takes me. That’s it… I cannot even expand on it right now, other than to say I know it will lead me in a greater way.

Do you have any stories to share about your new year practices? I find hearing others ideas and stories very inspiring so please share them.

I wish many joy-filled moments for all of you this year, ones that create memories that you’ll feel good about when you look back on them.

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Sadie - Pee & Walk Away - Pelvic Health Inside Out Karen Armstrong Newmarket Aurora Women's Wellness Circle

Sadie - Pee & Walk Away - Pelvic Health Inside Out Karen Armstrong Newmarket Aurora Women's Wellness Circle

I recently brought Nelly Faghani, a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist specialist out to the Women’s Wellness Circle to educate us on the importance of keeping our pelvic floor muscles healthy.  It was such a huge eye opener that I wanted to share the information I jotted down with as many people as I could.  As these are from my notes, they are meant to bring awareness only, please refer to your own specialist for personal questions and clarification.

Four Main Functions of the Pelvic Floor

1.  Support

The pelvic floor is a basket of muscles that support organs against gravity and intra-abdominal pressure as well as vaginal/rectal walls.

  • Pelvic organ prolapse is a functional issue coming from genetic predisposition, years of heavy lifting or constipation to name a few. This effects 41% of women over 60 who have not had a hysterectomy. It is a high level of bothersome. Pelvic floor training is highly effective.

2. Sphincter

The sphincter controls openings of the urethra, vagina and rectum maintaining urinary and fecal continence.

Types of incontinence:

  • Stress incontinence:  coughing, laughing, sneezing or lifting.
  • This effects 1-3 women and 1-9 men
  • Urge incontinence: urine loss associated with a strong uncontrollable need to void or an inability to delay voiding.
  • Functional incontinence: physical or cognitive impairment.
  • Mixed incontinence: pressure and intense urge to void.

Social Consequences of Incontinence:

  • Decreased self esteem
  • Impedes social activity
  • Impedes physical activity
  • Institutionalization – it is the Number 2 reason elderly are institutionalized!
  • Heavy economic burden of patients, families and society.

3. Sexual Function (blood flow, orgasm)

Dyspareunia – 25-40% of post-menopausal women find intimacy painful.

4. Stability

Assists in sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Pelvic Floor muscle problems can also cause pain in the sacro-iliac joints. Pelvic floor muscle tightness can slacken the posterior (back) ligaments of the SI joint, and weak pelvic floor muscles can create decreased stability in the SI joints. In other words, if your pelvic floor is too tight or weak, it will de-stabilize the sacroiliac joints.


  • Challenges are normal after childbirth.
  • Challenges are a normal part of aging.
  • You cannot do anything for it.

Pelvic floor exercises are not one size fits all such as Kegels!  Each person is different with some categorized as underactive or hypotonicity and some as overactive or hypertonicity.

When should you seek pelvic floor muscle training?

  • Before any surgery.
  • Before and after childbirth – Core stability training is recommended to prevent and treat back and pelvic pain during and following pregnancy.
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation improves strength, relaxation, control and assists in regaining a better quality of life.

Education Tips:

  • Wash vulva with water only, no soap.
  • Wipe from front to back after urination.
  • Use organic detergents.
  • Use cotton underwear or sleep without.
  • Remove wet clothes immediately.
  • Never use the feminine product brand “Always”
  • Stay well hydrated.
  • Normal is 5-8 pee’s per day with 1 overnight. (urine colour: light)
  • Constipation creates more risk of challenge.
  • Toileting posture – knees above hips. (*think squatty potty)
  • If you need to bear down to void, do not hold your breath. Nelly provided a super tip:  blow into a closed fist to keep your air moving.
  • Bladder irritants include caffeine, alcohol, citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, diet pop and artificial sweeteners.

It was a jam packed evening of information and very candid questions and discussion.  Life is life and education as always provides more choices.

A huge shout out to Nelly Faghani of Pelvic Health Solutions. Their website is very informative.

If you are in the area – consider joining us for the monthly Women’s Wellness Circles. My website also links to my colleagues in the greater GTA.

Coming up in the next few months for Newmarket/EG are:
June 28th – Wendy Purves-Lambie with Circle Dance
July 19th – Tanya Porter leading Rhythmic Reframing
Aug. 23rd – Elisha McMillan, “Movement as a tool for Healing & Manifestation”
Sept. 27th – Shari Miller creating our own Vison Boards.
Nov. 1st – Bev McLeish, Herbs for Natural Immune Boosting
Nov. 29th – Mickey Eves – Leading with your Heart – using your imagination with purpose and intention.

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