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Reiki Energy Healing in Newmarket by Karen Armstrong of Inside Out

Who Are You Listening To?

Happy July 2020, it’s been quite the ride these past few months and it shows no signs of being any different in the foreseeable future.  As humans, we are natural problem solvers and control freaks, so there is no shortage of opinions…
inner critic

How’s Your Inner Critic Doing?

As we enter week 11 of being more house bound and adhering to social distancing, old patterns are arising, and our inner critic is getting very loud. We can find ourselves in a reactive mode not only with outside issues; the more detrimental tendency…
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Virtual Services Available

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Welcome to May 2020. We are still under social distancing guidelines in Southern Ontario, so I wish to update you on the services still available with Inside Out. It has been a time of great polar opposites. Feelings of gratitude that we…

Women’s Wellness Circle Goes Online

It is no surprise that our current worldwide Covid-19 health conditions are changing the way we interact on a personal and business basis.  My monthly Women’s Wellness Circle is no exception.  As the social distancing measures rolled…