Virtual Services

To book a virtual service with Karen, please email her directly by clicking here.

Distant Reiki Treatments

Book a 1 hour session to receive distant reiki.  I encourage you to book a specific time as you would booking at my office.  We will begin with a telephone conversation to create awareness of what is going on for you.  Then we move into treatment.  Many have received beneficial effects of this form of reiki.  Approximately 60 minutes.

Cost $100 + HST

Enneagram Coaching

The Enneagram personality system provides a brilliant platform to bring insights into what could be working better in your relationships.  Both personal and professional, within yourself or with others. If any relationships require a complete reboot or just tweaking to bring more joy, this system can provide the template.  Check out my introductory videos to learn more.

Cost $100.00 + HST per hour

Regular Client Check-In

This service can provide support and guidance on what is surfacing for you in these shifting times? We all deal with change in a different way, no one size fits all. Having a non-judgemental sounding board can sometimes be all we need to provide clarity and a sense of well-being. Book in 30 minute time slots.

$50.00 + HST per 30 minutes