Reiki Master NewmarketReiki Mastery Program.

The Mastery Program is available for students who have completed their Level I and II Certification Training.  The program takes place over a 9-12 month period and is custom designed with a mix of Exercises, Case Studies, Reiki Healing Sessions, Manual and Attunements.

In its original form, Reiki was a path to enlightenment. The principles were to help you maintain a spiritual focus. Practicing meditation techniques is a way for you to develop your connection to the Reiki source and to still the mind and develop your Reiki channel. This practice helps eliminate anger, worry, and promote spiritual work and develop compassion.

It is not a religion but a way to awaken to your life and soul’s purpose and to promote healing. As a spiritual practice, it blends into whatever spiritual or religious practice you already do and compliments it nicely.

To register for the Mastery Program, please click here.


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