Going with the Flow

A small river flowing through a forest

I am back and so happy to be sharing my updates with you. It has been a year since I announced my Sabbatical and took some time away from the office and my writing. So much has happened and the biggest lesson I have taken from this past year is to truly – Go with the Flow!

Right after publishing my last blog, we welcomed our first grandchild into the family. A happy little boy who also turns 1 year old today. This was followed by two weddings and the birth of our first granddaughter in October. To say life has changed is an understatement. There is so much joy along with all the crazy. This balance has definitely helped to keep perspective.

I had such expectations that my sabbatical was going to allow for a deep dive into how I might shift my work to be even more impactful in the world. That is would look like a big 360-degree shift in my offering. As I entered into month 3, I was getting quite restless. All my tuning in, meditations, coaching sessions did not seem to be birthing this new program. Some colleagues started to reach out for sessions and it felt right to see them. Slowly, my schedule began to fill up without me making any formal announcement. I noticed that I was very clear on my boundaries. I would work my 4 days a week with specific hours and not get pulled to make time work for everyone else’s schedule.

The big result was – I was different. I was and am bringing a new level of presence and awareness to my days and that has created more joy and gratitude to be doing what I do. This does not mean that new programs will not show up, change is always with us. As my company name suggests – all real change comes from the inside out. It was my mind and programs that were telling me that in order to justify the time off, I had to make a big outward change. It makes me smile with more self-compassion now.

So what are some of the things that have contributed to this inner shift?

  • Daily (almost) meditation
  • Walks in the forest or by the river. Many with a dear friend, some with family or solo, and the dogs.
  • Yoga – self-care
  • A nine-month Enneagram program with Russ Hudson and the Awakened Company.
  • An online community choir called Wonderland Singers with Coco Love Alcorn.
  • Continued North Metro Sweet Adeline’s chorus.
  • Continued Women’s Wellness Circles monthly

Karen standing on a rock

The biggest shift as I mentioned opening this post was an ability to go with the flow. Whether it was last-minute client cancels due to health or life demands, changes in how a day would unfold, the numbers for Circle, changing my teaching schedule for reiki…I was consistently being reminded to let go…to trust…to know that the best outcome will always be supported even if it did not look that way from my initial vantage point. I did not realize how much I planned my time. This was partially engrained in me from upbringing and school and work. In order to be successful, you must employ time management skills. The other part was out of fear. My fear looks like not being able to keep up with all the demands I expect of myself, what I thought others expected of me, to be able to be there for others, to not show weakness that I can not manage whatever comes my way. These are the self-sabotaging patterns that set into motion years ago.

Change only comes about through awareness and practice so my time allowed for more of both of these. I also have incredible support in my colleagues, friends and family to not give up when it got tough to feel my way through.

I am so grateful to be where I am today and know that there is so much more to experience and expand into. Thank you to all my clients who continue to put their trust in me and teach me. Thanks to my family, friends and colleagues and community. We are always stronger together.

As we welcome the December full moon this week and prepare for the Winter Solstice on the 21st and holidays, I wish for you to invite in self-love, curiosity, gratitude, playfulness and big dreams for a world that works for all of us.

See you in the New Year. Blessings to each of you.

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  1. Joseph Abballe says:

    Hi Karen,

    It’s been almost two decades since we met at Ennagram circles. It’s amazing to hear and see that you’re still impacting many seekers with your energy while managing the flow in the different areas of your life. Your warm heart and incredible talents have touched the spirits of many people along the way, myself included.


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