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I’m a bit behind the eight ball in getting my 2022 Intention Words out.  They were created on the New Moon of January 2nd and have been very much part of my presence and practice over the past couple of weeks but I was resistant to getting my butt in the chair to write about them here.  I guess Lee Harris’s January energy update is alive in me. He did share that this January; the prompting is to go inward instead of launching out of the gate.  We can wait until February this year for that energy to arrive.  Thanks, Lee for giving me permission to not get too critical with myself…lol.

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you will be well aware of my New Year’s practice of creating my intention words that guide the overall vision of my year.  Like many, I found that New Year’s resolutions did not have enough motivation past January to make any impact on the whole year.  My words on the other hand create a framework for what I have chosen to invite into my life during the coming year. Whether I look at them often or they slip into the background of my awareness, they always carry the strength to draw the people, experiences and ideas to enrich my year.


Creating the right space is the most important ingredient to getting clear intention words.  I provide myself with a window of time that I can call my own and not be interrupted.  Then I get my tea, journal, oracle cards, essential oils in the diffuser and an oracle or tarot deck of my choice. With soft relaxing music, I settle into a mediation to ground in my body.  Now I am ready to journal about the year I have just come through.  The highlights, the challenges, the insights and whatever else flows from my pen.  Then I allow myself to invite the vision of what I want the new year to feel like. From this, words or phrases come to me.  It’s like writing a letter to Santa as a child.  We tend to ask for things that will make us feel a certain way. Each word has its own unique meaning.  Allow me to share my 2022 Intention Words with you now.

  1. Deep Connection

    As I am beginning this year still on my sabbatical, I am taking a couple of online classes and a spiritual program to support this deepening practice. It is a desire to know myself and my journey more intimately. I would like this deeper connection to flow into my work with my students and clients.
  2. Innovation

    As we seem to be at a worldwide crossroad of change, I have been witnessing the clarity for myself and others of what no longer works. Sometimes the trickier part of letting go is to know what to replace the old with. I welcome in the energy of innovation to my life. Welcoming out of the box thinking, synergy and alchemy.
  3. Exploration

    To support the innovation, I am welcoming in a focus for exploring new things. It could mean listening to new music, reading books I would not normally pick up, engaging in conversations with radical openness. Shake things up and allow new neural pathways to engage.
  4. Playfullness

    This past couple of years has been a marathon of growth and not all days were joyful. I can get very serious when I am trying to understand what’s going on and how to maneuver rough waters. I am craving more laughter and lightness. It’s time to welcome that youthful free spirit back into my everyday living. Maybe I’ll join a couple of Cathy Nesbitt online laughter yoga sessions to spark some happy hormones.

These are my words for the year.  They ignite a good feeling when I read them and anticipation of how they will manifest in the weeks and months to come.  To give them a bit more visual presence this year, I have done the following.  I did a full card spread with The Muse Tarot deck by Chris-Ann.  Then I embarked in creating a vision board with the focus of my words and the guidance offered by the cards.  My Vision board is not complete yet.  I am searching out more magazines to complete it.  Watch for a finished picture on my social media pages. This will hang in my office where I can allow it to inspire me throughout the year.

I have had clients write me to share their experiences with creating intention words.  Some have found a picture that reflects each word for them, framed them and placed them in a significant spot in their home.  Some create cue cards and use them for bookmarks or tape them to their mirrors.  Some have done separate journal entries for each word and expanded on how the word inspires them.  Let your imagination run free and see what you come up with.  I can see candles, essential oils blends, bath salts, bracelets, songs etc.  Have some fun.

I love to hear about the ideas that you come up with or questions you may have.  Please share your magic.  Happy 2022 intentions!

Till next time,

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