The Wonder of our Breath

I want to expand on my first Intention Word for 2021 shared in my last post. Belly Breath or simply Breath. It is the most automatic instinct we have from birth and therefore one that we don’t typically pay much attention to without cause.

We have so many expressions that include the experience of our breath:

“breath of fresh air”

“under one’s breath”

“hold your breath”

“save your breath”

“take your breath away”

“breath taking”

“catch one’s breath”

“just breathe”

“breathe life into your dreams, desires, intentions etc”

I shared that without my weekly chorus rehearsals where we spend 3 plus hours singing with and without choreography that my natural breath pattern became more shallow. That in turn raises can result in anxious feelings, contraction in my abdomen which impacts my digestion and an overall sense of unease. All it takes it conscious moments throughout the day to take 3 big deep breathes to change my whole physiology. It is also why my daily walks in nature have had such a profound calming and grounding influence on my well being.

As a Reiki Master, it is absolutely one of the most influential aspects of receiving the benefits of a treatment. I start all client sessions with a a gentle invitation to come into presence through our senses and landing with the breath. I watch the breathing patterns of my clients as they are on the table to notice when they change. It provides strong clues as what is happening within and when I might inquire or support differently.

We have so many options available to us to bring awareness to our breath and create healthy breath practices. Breath is the foundation to the following and I know it is not a complete list:

“Yoga, Meditation, Qui Gong, Tai Chi, Vocal expression, Pilates, Reiki, Body Talk, weight training, birthing, sports, good sleep, digestion”

I receive the daily inspiration from Abraham Hicks and as a synchronicity, this is the post that arrived today which fits so perfectly.

“Through our daily process of focusing upon your breathing, you will progressively breathe your resistance away, causing a gradual shift in your Vibrational point of attraction. And then, you will begin to feel a strong resonance with the words that we have been speaking to you. When that occurs, the Vibration of your physical body and that of the Source within you will be at the same Vibrational frequency; and when that occurs, your physical body will benefit.

In the same way that a complete understanding of electricity is unnecessary in order to flip the switch and receive the benefit of it, you do not need to understand the complex inner workings of your physical body. You only need to understand the simple process by which you allow your intelligent cells to do their work.

As you find and practice resonance with the Vibration of the Source within you, communication between the cells of your body flourishes, as does your entire physical body. And it all begins with the simple focusing upon your breathing to “flip the switch” of absolute physical well-being.

Excerpted from Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD and User Guide on 11/1/10

Our Love Esther (Abraham and Jerry)

I invite you to bring more awareness to your breathe in the next week and notice the difference that it provides in your overall sense of wellbeing. As always, I encourage feedback and suggestions from readers. As we share we expand.

Until next time.

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