My Intention Words for 2021

Intention Words for 2021 - New Year's Resolutions and Intentions Reiki Master Toronto, Newmarket, Ontario

Welcome to 2021.  It is incredible to be sitting at the beginning of another new year with the realization that this past year saw unprecedented world changes that are still unfolding. We have no idea what is coming as we look ahead this year.  It’s not like we ever really know what will happen with each coming day however, there is a much deeper understanding of that from our new vantage point.

Those who have followed me for a while know that instead of determining New Year’s Resolutions, I like to create my Intention Words that guide me for the year ahead.  These are words that will inspire my decisions, creativity and my beingness for the year ahead.  They have always provided results in the most miraculous ways and so the motivation for me to continue this practice is very high.

My 2020 words were Exhale, G.A.J. (which stood for Gratitude, Appreciation and Joy) and Creative Expression.  The huge lessons that I experienced last year were supported 100-fold by these intentions. The biggest support in moving through the challenges included:

  1. Exhale: A consistent yoga, chanting and walking practice.
  2. G.A.J.: Journaling, being present to all that I love like nature, animals, gardening, cooking and connection with family and close friends. Finding Joy in everyday moments.
  3. Creative Expression: Finding new ways to offer my services, to run Women’s Wellness Circles, to take classes, to sing with my chorus, to connect with family and friends in a virtual format and in-person. Taking time to make Vision Boards, flower planters, winter urns, and decluttering space.

So, to continue on this roller coaster ride into 2021, my words of inspiration have presented themselves as follows:

Belly Breathe

After not being able to attend my weekly chorus rehearsals after 38 years, I realized how much my body relied on this deep diaphragmatic breathing. The tightness that developed in my lower diaphragm was noticeable after a few months.  This is why I began to do some morning chanting and why I will actually put this as my first intention word for 2021 (and after a good reminder nudge from my dear friend Theresa Gagnon).


I learned this year how often I question my own inner knowing for myself.  Not in my work practice for clients, that comes easily after these years of practice.  My inner critic and fearful voice turns up its volume when it comes to listening to my own body which has been extremely dramatic this year.  I will trust in my own strength and wisdom and be kind and patient with my body. I will also remind myself to trust that all things are unfolding for the highest good of all.


This has proven to be an extremely valuable practice as we continued along the uncertain path.  To root into the practices that ground me and provide calmness, clarity and inspiration. On top of walking in nature, yoga and journaling, I am open to discovering more ways to ground myself in this new year.


We all need to shine our own unique light for this world to be all it can be. To birth new realities, to make life worth living, to express our own creativity and spark each other.

Once I allow the process of breathing, trusting and rooting to shape my foundation, I will be ready to Shine my spark into the world in ever expanding ways. This fills me with excitement.

As a reminder, my next creative project will be to make a piece of art with each of these words and frame them to have out as a constant incentive.  I will share a picture of my completed project on my SM feeds.

It is so great to share in this space with you.  May you feel inspired to respond and share some of your intentions for the year ahead.

Let us stay vigilant in our vision of a future that is centered around kindness, sustainability and an insatiable thirst for truth with the freedom and courage to express that truth and be heard. Let’s create a world that works for all.

Until next time…


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