Who Are You Listening To?

Reiki Energy Healing in Newmarket by Karen Armstrong of Inside Out

Happy July 2020, it’s been quite the ride these past few months and it shows no signs of being any different in the foreseeable future.  As humans, we are natural problem solvers and control freaks, so there is no shortage of opinions and thoughts on how to handle everything.  So who are you listening to?

It has been so natural to look outside of ourselves for so many answers to questions that arise in our lives.  After all; how can we be an expert in everything?  We definitely are not and no one is.  We are an expert on our own body and what is best for us, we have just forgotten how to tune in and listen.

I am no exception. I got myself so busy last year, that even though my body was speaking up loudly with signs of exhaustion, I was on auto pilot.  It didn’t matter how many incredible colleagues I saw to keep me balanced, I was actually just enabling myself to carry on a bit longer and keep piling up my personal expectation list. 

I have shared that at Christmas 2019, I realized that things needed to change.  I began 2020 in a very different way, carving out personal time every morning before heading to the office. I would meditate, journal, do self-reiki, yoga or read.  I also made tough decisions to cut back on some of my extra-curricular commitments.  Instead, I booked a personal retreat, booked a weekend off to visit my son and his partner and was planning some regular “me” days. 

Then the Covid-19 shut down hit.  Well that brought everything to a big halt overnight.  At first it felt fabulous… “ahh, I can just stop without any guilt of letting anyone down”.  But my strong, lifelong patterns of finding value by doing began to surface at the same time as my realization that I truly needed this stop time to rebuild.  Those were two very conflicting inner messages.

I Went on a Search for Assistance

So – who did I look to for support, who could I listen to that knew how to assist me in this tumultuous time?  The process of determining that created the acknowledgement that I had to tune in to me first.  I am not completely new to this, I have built a strong intuitive ability to tune in to myself, however this was taking it to a much deeper level. Of course the universe brings people into our lives at the perfect time.  Besides myself, here is who I have reached out to as I deepen my relationship to self.

Dr. Laura Foster – I have known Dr. Laura Foster for many years, though it has only been the last year that our circle drew much closer. From the incredible health and wellness expo that she and Danielle Warner organized last fall in Newmarket, to the incredible retreat I attended in February, to monthly Inspired Conversation Zoom calls, Laura has been through a similar rebirthing in her life and  is now skilled in assisting others to tune into their inner voice.  https://soulinspiredgurl.com/

Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch – my reiki masters.  From the start of shut down, Dean and Rebecca stepped up to run daily, and then weekly, meditation evenings to bring our light worker community together.  This has been an incredibly empowering support to remember the big picture, that we signed up to be here as the earth integrates into the 5th dimension and how to stay grounded yet tuned into the higher frequencies coming in. Check out http://www.heartlight.ca/

Andrea Mathieson – a long time spiritual mentor, Andrea works with plant medicine and Gaia to bring in a deeper listening from the wisdom of Mother Nature.  She offered a 2 part Creating your Own Flower Essence Workshop online which was wonderful and has now expanded into a 4 part Communing with Nature.  This calls a different aspect of intuitive listening for me that I know will serve me in many ways. https://www.ravenessences.com/

Meadow Eagleweed used to make my flower essence.

The Awakened Company – Catherine Bell and Russ Hudson have teamed up to offer weekly classes on the Enneagram, a system of our human nature that I have studied and worked with since 1996. The richness of these classes has been great during these times as we witness the polarities of our personality rise with the ever present fear. You are not too late to jump in and learn from these wise souls: https://awakenedcompany.com/enneagram-courses-awakened-company/

There are countless others bringing their wisdom and gifts to the forefront now and many who have other agendas. We are living in a very rich time of shifting old paradigms and rebirthing the world in a more sustainable, compassionate and inclusive way that will be better for all.  All lives matter no matter what colour our skin, the animals, the vegetation, our water and earth. We are one eco system that relies on each other to bring our own light and gifts to the whole.  May we listen with an intention to bring about a kinder world.

I would love to hear from you, who are your favourite peeps at this shifting time?

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