How’s Your Inner Critic Doing?

inner critic

As we enter week 11 of being more house bound and adhering to social distancing, old patterns are arising, and our inner critic is getting very loud. We can find ourselves in a reactive mode not only with outside issues; the more detrimental tendency is that we tend to attack ourselves first.

Why am I heading to the fridge again?

Why can’t I get myself motivated to do my “To Do” list?

How can I let anyone see me with this hair?

How can I stop my worrying?

My thinking is scattered.

How Fear Effects Our Reasoning Mind

We are in an unprecedented territory of change worldwide and yet, we put expectations on ourselves that are running from old patterns. We have the skill set to move into a responsive mode, yet we are out to lunch 98% of our day. Not consciously, our unconscious patterns and learned behaviours are in the driver’s seat, especially with the heightened level of fear coming at us from every angle. Fear by its nature limits our immune system, our reasoning mind and creativity.

Breaking the Cycle

inner critic

So, how do we break the cycle? The simple answer is presence. I hear your rebuttal – oh right, not so simple. The reality is that presence can be tough work. So, how do we approach tough work? Through simple steps repeated with consistency. It comes through our breathe and our body – our body communicates through sensation.

Breathe and Body

When we take the steps to welcome in our breathe and body sensations, new messages can come to the surface. This is where the work comes in. We typically get to this front door and then leave because it is not always confortable. It requires a deeper letting go and flow than we are used to. There is a vulnerability to be in the moment and trust. ..

Here’s an invitation for you. As you move through your day or week, stop periodically to breathe and feel into your own goodness. To acknowledge the sacredness of this new space and the journey we are on at this time. We can remember that we are our own custodian and caretaker. We can also notice the habits by which we give ourselves a hard time. We can notice if there are recurrent themes. Write these messages down and read them from a place of kindness. We might see the untruth of them. 

We are never wasting time by working on our inner critic. It is freeing.

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  1. Margaret Harlos says:

    Great article! You had my attention to when you went to the fridge again! I am grateful that I have weathered the storm well. I’ve actually enjoyed the quiet. You really summed everything up with such clarity and tips to help people through this time.??


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