It is no surprise that our current worldwide Covid-19 health conditions are changing the way we interact on a personal and business basis.  My monthly Women’s Wellness Circle is no exception.  As the social distancing measures rolled out during the 3rd week of March 2020, and with Circle fast approaching on the 4th Thursday, a decision needed to be made.

Do I cancel this amazing event completely or try bringing it to an new online platform?  The answer was a definite; let’s try to bring this month’s Women’s Wellness Circle to an online platform.

I had a fantastic coach in Dany Spencer who led me through tutorials and thankfully the Zoom platform is a very user friendly one to host a meeting.  Dany posted a simple cheat sheet on the FB Circle Event page and I found a short You Tube tutorial to post. I had a strong attendance response for March’s presenter, Chris Anne Donnelly and wondered if it could be as meaningful to connect through computer or smartphone screens.

The Virtual Accessibility Actually Increased Overall Attendees

Our night arrived and to my thrill, 35 women joined in.  Not only did I have my local attendees; with the virtual venue, I had women join from B.C., Toronto, Collingwood and Bracebridge.  Chris Anne is very comfortable communicating authentically online after developing her numerous tarot decks with an international team for Hay House.  I am continually in awe of how spirit works to support Circle.

We had such a special evening, connecting inward with a meditation, having a beautiful conversation on how we were experiencing the unfolding of the new conditions and finally receiving a personal card message from Chris Anne.  All left feeling just like we do when we gather in person…reconnected, uplifted and knowing we have others supporting us during all times.

I pressed record on our call once we had tuned in and then my amazing technical team; Rosewood have loaded it onto my YouTube channel.  Those who wish to listen to our call, please connect here.

April’s Circle will take place next week, April 23rd under the same format. Last month’s experiment was a totally free event.  This month, I am requesting a ‘pay what you’ can via e-transfer to  The registration link will be forwarded to all those I hear from.  This month we have Dr. Laura Foster of Soul Inspired Gurl who will lead a very heart centered session on what is bubbling up for us in these days and how to access the call of our heart. Be sure to join us.

As always – thank you for your amazing support.  Women’s Wellness Circle feeds our soul and desire for connecting with like-minded women.  We were made for these times, a global reset button has been activated.  Let’s co-create the world we want to live in on the other side of Covid19.

Check out both presenters:

Till next time, treat yourself and others with kindness,


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