I am stretching here to share a personal part of my year’s journey so far. I attended an Archangel Metatron workshop the weekend of January 11/12 as we entered into the Full Moon Lunar eclipse. The emotional energies were very sensitive. We did a powerful meditation on the first afternoon that really stayed with me.

Powerful Meditation

The most significant part took place in the first 60 seconds on tuning in. As I closed my eyes and began to take a few deep breathes, I saw myself with my arms stretched out to either side like wings and the feeling was that I was reaching out to connect with millions of others as we stretched around the globe. My heart felt so expanded it was palpable. Then just as quickly as it dropped into my awareness, it settled into the background and I could once again follow the voice of our facilitator as she continued to guide us.

The Feeling of a Seed Under the Ground

This vision however stayed with me and I wondered how it would show up in my life this year. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago, as I was in a personal coaching session and trying to articulate how I was feeling. This was just before the expanded actions of social distancing went into place. What I ended up sharing was that I was feeling like I was a seed under the ground.  One would think this to feel cocoon like and swaddled in the ground. That was not my sense at all. Once under the ground, it was as though it was expansive, that I was in touch with the whole planet via the earth. That I was connecting with light workers and healers around the planet and we were just waiting to be activated. That once the activation came, we would each know how to sprout up in our specific geographic area with our unique gifts to take action in the world.

Pivotal Transformation Point

It was such a strong and once again visceral sensation in my body. I feel this down time is meant for us to take purposeful time to go within, to receive the messages that only we can get on how we move forward in the world at this time. We are at a pivotal transformation point on the planet to awaken to more balance and conscious choices for the good of all. I still have not received my clear activation message however I am continuing to tune in and feel and learn. I trust it is coming and feel a sense of excitement building around it.

Use Your Time to Support Others and Learn

We chose to be here now so there is no mistake. Let us use this time wisely and learn. Let’s continue to reach out to each other in new ways, support those who need it. Let us share positive messages with those we know who have not been given the gift to slow down. Our front-line people who are out there every day. Thank you to all who are keeping our communities alive through their service.

There is one mantra that I have been saying every day.

I am Happy,

I am Healthy

I am Strong

I am full of Vitality

I am Divine

I am Loved and Loving

I am full of Gratitude that all is well in my life.

May blessings flow to all at this time even in the smallest gestures. Let’s see what we can create together as we symbolically join sacred hands and hearts.

Until next time,


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