As we approach the end of 2019 and move towards a new decade, the importance of getting the presenter schedule out feels very important.  It’s a time to be diligent at scheduling special supporting moments for ourselves. I am so excited for the starting lineup that I had to share this excitement with you. Ready – set – breathe. All is set for you to bring balance and inspiration to 2020, a year of renewed vision.


January kicks off with Vision Board Creation. Chris Payne will be leading us in an evening of creating our vision boards. This was a very popular event in 2018 and it seems appropriate to bring that focus and intentionality to the beginning of a new decade.


February we will have Christie Perrault visit with her weaving of sacred ceremony and storytelling. How do we bring more intentional presence into each day? We do this by being mindful of our interconnections with all the elements of the earth and nonphysical beings.


We welcome spring in March with Chris-Anne Donnelly and her magical Tarot decks. We will explore our own intuition as we are led through exercises with some of Chris-Anne’s new and beloved card decks.


April would not be the same without our annual visit from Carolyn Molnar, Toronto Medium and Psychic. A Night with Spirit has been a favourite of Sharon Circle goers for the last 5 years. Everyone walks away in amazement with the reality of spirit interactions in our lives.


May will wrap up the indoor Circle season with Laura Foster. Laura has embarked on a new path to lead women into a more powerful expression of themselves in their life. She is real and transparent with a great sense of humour.

International Women’s Day Event

Thrown into the monthly Newmarket/EG Circle time will be our combined Circle event for International Women’s Day entitled Empower One. Watch for more details on this great afternoon to celebrate on March 8th. circle

These months will undoubtedly support us on our journey to live, laugh and love fully. Circle holds so much magic that it is hard to put into words. As we move into our 16th year of monthly Women’s Wellness Circle’s, it has become clear how much we need to have like-minded community along the way.

Please share any special memories you have had at Circle over the years. I love hearing from each of you. As we come to the end of 2019, I wish each of you grace and acceptance for this life path. May you carry a grateful heart for all that we have and compassion for the times that are challenging.

Click here for more information on our Women’s Wellness Circles.

Sending much love,