Japan – Collaboration & Creativity

Looking through my photos of my trip to Japan allows me to continue to integrate my experience. Today I want to share what is possible when we open up to collaboration from others on a challenge to create something totally unique and special.

The Buddhist Temple of Otagi Nenbutsu-ji

One of the Temples that I visited really touched my heart from this perspective. Otagi Nenbutsu-ji is a Buddhist Temple in the Arashiyama neighbourhood of Kyoto. Originally founded by Empress Shotoku in the middle of the eighth century, it was destroyed once by flooding and once by a civil war. It was moved to its current location in 1922, later suffering typhoon damage in 1950.  It took thirty years to repair the damage but when it was finally restored worshipers celebrated by donating the 1200 rakan sculptures (stone statues representing the disciples of Buddha).

A famous Japanese sculptor even taught many amateurs how to carve from stone. They all had a different response to the challenge.

The statues all have different expressions ranging from cute to scary to sad to serene to funny to bizarre. They are covered in moss and some are crumbling away however it really adds to the atmosphere and historic nature of the Temple.

Collaborating to Rebuild the Temple

The unique nature of this Temple makes it very memorable. When faced with the monumental task of rebuilding once again, a new idea was born. It was through the collaborative talents and creativity of many that made it possible to carry on.

This really reminds me of what can happen when we are faced with a big challenge that seems impossible to tackle. It can be financial (such as this example), emotional, physical, or as many clients that I see, health related.

Opening Up to Help from Others

It is when we really feel stuck and at our own wits end, that we can shift gears, open up to help from others and/or try something that we have never tried before.  There are numerous times that a client arrives to me after doing what they call “everything” with no results.  They are often extremely frustrated or disillusioned.  From that place, they are open to trying something that is not considered mainstream in their past experience.

When we are ready to say “what else is possible”, new doors can open.

These 1200 rakan stone statues are like us, made from the same medium, yet each has their own look, message and story. Enjoy the images and when you get stuck, know it could be a signal to reach out, collaborate with others and be creative.

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