Are you in Balance? What’s your Wake-up Call?

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Being out of balance is a result of not paying attention to our needs, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  What is your wake-up call that brings you back to awareness?

Encouraging balance in life…

My tag line for Inside Out is “encouraging balance in life…” I chose this because it has been part of my journey and continues to require tuning in and presence.  I have identified some keys that bring me back to balance and the process just might work for you too.

Every client that comes to see me for Reiki or Biophoton Light Therapy is out of balance to the point that they are very aware something is not working.  A symptom or unwanted feeling has presented itself and they are ready to receive support to identify and heal the situation. This is not new information, however, sometimes taking a new perspective is what helps in the shift.

One of my reiki master students shared a gem with me the other week and I asked if I could use it here.  She said that one of her wake up calls is this: “When one person ticks me off, it’s them.  When everyone is ticking me off, it’s me!”  That’s when she stops to take inventory of what she needs to do for herself.  All the energy has been going to outside stuff and not enough coming back to fill her own tank.

That is the biggest key – where is your energy being spent?  Are you filling your own tank up first before looking after all the outside stuff?

We all have our programs running that guide our choices and actions instead of being present to what we actually need in the moment. That could be another complete topic however I’ll insert a short piece here for those who wish to look deeper now.

It’s now a proven fact – Your unconscious mind is running your life!

A new perspective of why we are the way we are, has been introduced by some cutting edge molecular biologists. Foremost among them is former professor of medicine at Stanford University, Dr Bruce Lipton.

He says the new science of epigenetics has shown that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment. It was formerly believed by science that it is our genes themselves which dictate our traits; that our genes form who and how we are. The new findings are great news because it means that we can change many things about the way we are, including our health, by changing how we interpret events and situations which happen to us.

For example, Dr Lipton shows that if we interpret things in a positive way, we start living healthier and better quality lives, regardless of the genetic makeup we started with. A new attitude, positive or negative, sends new messages to the cells in our body and can actually reprogram their health and behavior. It can even change cellular structure, turning diseased cells into healthy cells.

So – back to balance.  It is determined by presence and the knowing that you are responsible for taking care of your own needs first. My wake-up call is my energy level.

When I am tired, it is often from allowing my schedule to get too filled up looking after others and being too busy to fit in my own personal practice and time outside. I start noticing I want more stimulants; my tea and dark chocolate. I don’t joke around and laugh, everything is more serious and I feel like I don’t have enough time! When those things are present, it means that I am not!

So – I get to make a choice to stay busy or slow it down.  I get so much more accomplished when I am relaxed and in the flow.

Here’s another great link to an article and video from Brian Tracey on balance.

What are your wake-up calls?  It’s great to share and learn from each other. I would love to hear from you. You can connect with me by email or telephone, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook too!

To our health and well-being!


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  1. Devra says:

    I was reading the book the power of your subconscious mind and I came upon this saying that’s now use every night before I go to sleep. The mantra is this.

    Every cell nerve tissue and organ is now being made whole pure and perfect
    My whole body is being restored to health and harmony.
    I just love it so I wanted to share this with you as it will help you too.
    In love and light. Devra


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