Your reality is created by your thoughts

We don’t see the world as it is – we see the world as we are! Therefore our perceptions create our reality. This is one of the statements I use when introducing the powerful personality system I work with called the Enneagram.  The Enneagram brings ancient wisdom together with modern psychology to reveal 9 patterns of being in the world.  Though we all share a bit of each of the 9 types within us, one is deeply part of our personality from womb to tomb.

I have been working with this system for 20 years now and it continues to be part of how I learn ever more about myself and others as I live my life.  I was told at the beginning of my journey from a few valuable teachers that one must identify themselves within the system to have it truly bring meaning. I respected that guidance because I know that to have someone tell me what I am could create a resistance within me that would cloud my openness to be observant for clues. What I learned along the way was that assuming too soon what type I thought someone else was also clouded my openness to be observant to them! Ahh – so again the saying fits that we see the world as we are!  Please allow me to expand.

I had a colleague many years ago who, in my opinion, displayed very strong signs of being a Type 3 on the Enneagram.  This type is known as the Achiever who is very goal orientated, always on task, has great drive, a confident way about them and really knows how to get things done.  They are often found as the chair of a Board, the captain of the team; a natural leader.  This gal was all of that and was a successful entrepreneur and coach.  She was never interested in taking one of my workshops because she had taken so many personality type trainings over the years that she did not feel it a necessary way to spend her time and money.

I was very surprised one day when she responded to a flyer that was sent out for one of my weekend workshops by telling me that she felt it was time to see what this Enneagram thing was all about.  I was thrilled to have her and felt it could be beneficial for her to better understand how she impacted others around her.  As with all of us, some loved her while others found her difficult to work with.

The first session ended quite late in the evening and we were to resume the next morning at 9am. I arrived early to set up and Florence (a created name) walked in right after me.  She was buzzing with excitement saying she hadn’t slept a bit that night.  She had stayed up reading and reflecting the whole time.  She said she thought when she left last night that she was a Type 3 but she couldn’t stop thinking about how I had described the Type 4.  She had to go deeper and read more into the notes I gave out as well as online. She had been living her life as though she was a 3 because that was the behavior she thought was accepted within her family growing up and all her employment positions. BUT then she said to me – “I am a true Type 4 right to the core and it feels so freeing to know that, to be ready to accept that and to honour my feelings in everything I do in my life!” (please see here for my Type 4 post).

Her excitement was infectious and as I allowed this new knowledge to sink in, I too was able to see how this fit was so real! This incredible awareness that Florence opened up to made a complete change in how she interacted in her life.  There was softness in her presence that I hadn’t experienced before.  She was no longer resisting her natural inner way of being, and could just be! Her reality changed overnight because her perception had changed.

Once a year I lead a public workshop to explore the Enneagram personality system. It has brought such richness to my life and to those whom I have shared it with. I am excited for this upcoming workshop day on April 2nd because I know I will be learning from all those who come to participate. I encourage everyone to challenge your perceptions from time to time as we can get stuck and complacent. Keep a beginner’s mind because we just might find something magical awaiting.

Please enjoy this short clip from Esther Hicks and Abraham on how our perceptions are always what we manifest.

Have you heard of the Enneagram before and if so, what number are you and how has this perception this impacted your reality?  I would love to hear from you.  You can connect with me by email or telephone, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Don’t forget to join in the conversation on Facebook too!

As we approach this Easter weekend, I wish you much Joy in anticipating your own unfolding miracles.

To our health and well-being!


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