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I am very passionate about the power of community so I hope to keep this post brief! I just attended our monthly East Gwillimbury Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting this week and the sponsor presenter was Neighborhood Network. I was not aware of this excellent local volunteer based organization and it had me reflect once again on the how much good is added to people’s lives when caring souls reach out!

I would really like to highlight an organization I recently connected with called “Touch a Heart Networks”. This organization aligns local people in need with donors who have the choice of what and who they contribute to. It is very personal. These people often fall between the cracks of other organized charities and support functions. It is so heartwarming to see after pictures of new living quarters that have been transformed by donations from the community. To give those who have fallen on hard luck get a boost to pick themselves up and get started.

I always contribute our gently used items to charities however when I was able to read about the needs of a local family and customize what I had to contribute to the list of needs provided, it felt more personal. Since July 1st we have donated a BMX bike, bedding, towels, food items, toiletries and fully stocked back packs for the September back to school children. I have decided to add Touch a Heart Networks as one of the organizations that my monthly Women’s Wellness Circle supports each year. If you are doing any fall de-cluttering, check out this Mount Albert based group.

The success of my monthly Women’s Wellness Circle has provided an opportunity to support two other local groups in the past few years. They are The Women’s Centre of York Region and The Rose of Sharon. We will receive toiletries and other donations every month at our gathering which I can top up with financial contributions each year. A huge thank you to all the women who attend each month’s meeting…the ripple goes further than you know.

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My chorus also collects the outer plastic bags from 4 litre milk products and cleaned empty 1 and 2 litre milk and juice cartons for me to donate to a local business called Cathy’s Crawly Composters. The milk bags are weaved into bedding mats (pictured here) used to sleep on in 3rd world communities and the cartons become containers for vermicomposting kits for school children.
Little acts of kindness make a difference in the community.

I would like to thank the East Gwillimbury Bulletin for highlighting local residents who make a difference and Metroland Publishing and Snap’d Newspaper Group for doing the same in their communities. Let’s remember to thank those who make a difference in our lives and pay it forward when we can.

Do you have stories to share of volunteers who make a difference? Let’s share some of them here as I welcome your feedback. Feel free to connect with me by email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Join in the conversation on Facebook too!

Wishing you a Happy, Fun and Safe Halloween!


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