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Munro Armstrong

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Here we are at the gates of September when life kicks back into high gear. Have you noticed the change in expectations on our time which plays havoc with life balance?

Whether you have children in school or not, life seems to jump into warp speed once September arrives at our door. I say ‘it seems to’ because we all know that time is a constant however depending on what we are doing, our experience of time can change drastically. If we are under a tight deadline to complete something, time seems to fly yet if we are sick in bed for a day unable to sleep due to discomfort then a day could drag on forever! There is a middle ground too. It happens when we are doing something we love and we’ll say we have no sense of what time it is and we don’t care.

I have noticed a pattern with clients over the past two weeks of a heightened anxiousness within and around them. I definitely acknowledged the shift in demands on our time that comes with this time of year and I look to the astrology to provide some guidance on the influencing energies present, however as I really witness myself and others, another truth comes through. The expectations we have to get back into the swing of productivity…of doing…of busi-ness! It’s almost like an alternative New Year kind of feeling. We set new goals. We enroll in fall programs, all the workshops and monthly club and business meetings resume after summer break. This is the calendar wind-up to Christmas – oh yes, have you been told how many weeks until Christmas yet? Don’t worry – I’m not going to. 🙂

Maybe it’s time this year to put a new spin on how we want to fill up our fall timetable. What would happen if we did a life wheel which incorporates all sectors of our life and made sure that we took a balanced approach when planning our time?

Karen Armstrong Inside Out

This is one example of a wheel of life however you may put your own spin on naming the sections. Then go ahead and make realistic plans to keep all areas active. We always have periods of time when 1 or 2 sectors require more attention, however it’s important not to neglect an area altogether or it may create stress in our life.

Here’s an example of what’s on my fall plans:

Personal Growth: Continue my daily practice of Meditation and Chi Kung as well as listening to webinars that interest me.

Physical Environment:  Declutter my closets, arrange to have the bathroom ceiling refinished.

Work/Career: Plan my next Enneagram introduction series.

Money: Continue my Christmas charity savings and review telephone plans to ensure I have the best bang for my buck!

Romance: A planned holiday with my husband in October.

Family & Friends: The fall activity dates have been set with our couples group and a pre-thanksgiving dinner for family was set due to holidays.

Fun & Recreation: I’ll be competing at our International Competition with my Sweet Adeline chorus, North Metro in Las Vegas the first week of October.

Health & Fitness: Establish a new G.P. as my current one is changing his practice. Continue my yoga and Nordic pole walking. Book my appointments with my massage therapist, chiropractor and spiritual coach.

This last section for me also connects to my work. As a health practitioner I see the positive results with clients who book regular sessions with me whether that is bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. When we build well-being into our plans, we can manage the demands of our life with more resilience, grace and JOY! How will you be planning your time for the coming season? I am happy to be part of your team.

As always I welcome your feedback. Feel free to connect with me by email or telephone, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website. Join in the conversation on Facebook too!

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  1. Andrea Mathieson says:

    Really good, practical advice, Karen! I agree that there seems to be a focused shift on the part of many people at this time of year. Personally, I’m giving the house and garden a really thorough, hands-on lot of loving. (Commonly called ‘cleaning’!)
    Hope to see you soon!

  2. Heather LeCraw says:

    I shared your blog this month, Karen. Great reminder and comments about scheduling self care, and setting goals in each of the life areas. Thanks!

    • Karen Armstrong says:

      Hi Heather – thanks so much, I know that you really really get it! You have lived your life both taking care of and not taking care of and you know how much the benefit of self care is. I appreciate you sharing the my blog. Keep on doing your amazing work. hugs,

  3. Lynn Mitanoff says:

    Such wisdom in your words, as always, Karen! Even though I know all this on a psychological level, I don’t always get it or remember it at the heart & soul level. I say that “I remember, I forget, I remember, I forget!”. Such a human being challenge! So, I appreciate that you wrote this blog and appreciate reading it, to remind me again! I am going to do a new “wheel” and categorize it like you have done. Thanks for the example and thanks for being such a great example! You are truly one wise woman!

    • Karen Armstrong says:

      Thanks Lynn – it is such a gift for me to have you acknowldege the importance of us sharing our learning journey. We are constantly learning new, forgetting and recalling again when the need arises. It reminds me how connected we are! I am so grateful for your gifts too…let’s keep supporting each other. It’s way more fun to travel the road of life together. Onwards with love, grace and JOY!


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