Practical Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF) are everywhere in our modern technological society and the impact of these on our health is in constant speculation. For those of you who have read my previous blog on this topic, you will recall that my husband has an acute sensitivity to these EMF frequencies. Because of that, I am always on the lookout for practical solutions to minimize the impact of these frequencies within our home and on our person. I have some new updates to share with you.

I was showing a client last week a new book I purchased called “Electromagnetic Health ” by Case Adams, ND and she mentioned to me that she has always been pro-active in protecting her living environment as well. She told me of a plug for the home that plugs into any electrical outlet. It retunes the frequencies as well as prevents outside EMF signals from entering the home.

Aulterra plugAulterra Whole House Plug

The Aulterra whole house plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring. Also, it prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house. One Aulterra whole house plug works for most homes and offices buildings (up to 5,000 sq. ft).

NOTE: The color may be yellow, orange or gray (whichever color they receive from the manufacturer).

I decided to order one and see how it works for us. There were a few very interesting practical solutions mentioned in the book. Let me share them with you here:

1. Solar Resonation: Radiation from the sun can significantly strengthen our body’s biowaves and resistance to synthetic radiation. When our body absorbs the sun’s rays, our own waves begin to resonate with the sun’s radiation. This can be compared to striking a chord or tuning fork. It also explained the process of sun gazing which has been used by many traditional medicines.

2. Natural Light: Many indoor offices have fluorescent tube lighting. A study by Professor Dr. Fritz Hollwich in 1979 showed people working in this environment produced higher levels of stress hormones such as adrenocorticortropic and cortisol but exposure to natural light lowered these same hormones. Try to get outside for part of the day or incorporate natural light from windows near your work space.

3. Sunglasses: The ability to stimulate biowave resonation with nature’s pallet of colour instantly vanishes by putting on sunglasses. They modulate a significant part of the visible spectrum and block important light rays from reaching our eyes. They limit the exposure of light to our pineal gland, changing our output of important energy and mood hormones and neurotransmitters such as GABA, dopamine and serotonin. It does not mean we cannot wear sunglasses while driving, boating, or skiing to prevent glare, it is just a reminder to take them off periodically to allow the natural sunlight to stimulate the happy hormones.

4. Nature’s Colours: Throughout the day we are provided with nature’s rainbow of changing colours which stimulates and strengthens our body’s biowaves. For example at daybreak we can see the coming sun with a red-orange amber hue stimulating physical energy. Through the later morning, the yellows of the sun’s radiation increase our focus and energy by stimulating cortisol levels. The glowing mid-day sun balances our mood levels as cortisol levels fall. Nature’s colours strengthen our biowaves because they resonate with the radiative energy of our cells starting with our skin and retinal cells. Different colours stimulate different moods through the effects upon our brainwaves and neurotransmitters.

I believe we all have experienced the calming effects that result from being outside in nature. Our body’s wisdom and inner communication just knows what it needs and the result is that we just feel better. The science shared in the book gives the explanation. Another great way to strengthen our biowaves and create more coherency with our own cellular light system is by way of Biophoton Light Therapy.

I love spending as much time outside as possible and now I know it also assists my body in strengthening its ability to handle EMF’s!

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