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One morning after handing my middle son over to our new sitter while he cried hysterically, I also cried all the way to the office. I sat in the parking lot for some time to gain my composure and walked in the door. A close colleague saw me and immediately took my arm leading me to a quiet room to ask what was going on. I told her I just didn’t think I could keep going like this; that I didn’t bring my sons into this world for someone else to raise. I missed being with them more and I was exhausted. She smiled and said; “What you need is Reiki”. I didn’t even know what that was. “Why Reiki?” I asked. Her reply was that it would help me find my truth.

It was 1994 and I was a young mother of 3 sons 6 and under, working for an International packaging company in middle management and my wonderful husband typically worked 7 days a week running his own contracting company. It was a busy schedule to say the least! As life would have it, our wonderful nanny decided it was time to move on with her life and so the challenge of finding the right match was also upon me. This was not an easy process and my middle son was not too impressed with the whole situation.

When my colleague suggested Reiki, with her company, I did indeed go and explore this modality and my life was definitely changed from that first weekend Level 1 experience. It took some time, but I was ready to do my part and I found my truth for that period of my life. It is a continuous exploration I have found but one that reiki has held a sacred part in to this day.

Doing my own practice of laying my hands on myself brings me comfort and an ability to quiet the busy-ness of my mind. It allows me to tune into my body and feel what is going on. It centers me to make right choices more often for myself.

I have held a public reiki practice since 2000 and certainly have witnessed incredible shifts for my clients. The results are undeniable and profound. I call it one of the most powerful modalities to de-stress the mind and body that I have come across and we have many wonderful modalities to choose from.

I recently traveled to Arizona to attend a Reiki Masters Intensive led by Phyllis Lei Furumoto of the Reiki Alliance. It was nurturing on many levels. I was with a beautiful community of reiki masters from around the world and though we had never met, there was a connection brought through this healing gift we shared. Kenyon Ranch was a very sacred space in the desert area south of Tucson. I enjoyed walks along the red dirt road with cacti all around; watching the huge jack rabbits scatter as I approached and even saw a road runner for the first time. We were served beautiful meals rich with taste and a great time to conversation. Each day, there would be time dedicated to sharing reiki with each other. My time reminded me again of the importance of self first and I have been recommitted to my own practice.

Here are some words from my clients perspective:

I want you to know that your reiki treatments kept me ‘sane’ while doing my MBA. Without your treatments, while working full time and doing an MBA, I honestly feel I would have fallen apart at the seams with the stress.”

Upon completing a session with you I have felt centred, healed in a more complete sense and much more in control of my physical and emotional life.”

You assisted me through current life difficulties allowing me to move quickly through each situation with greater clarity. I am now physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger; more at peace and guided on my journey through this life.”

Why Reiki? Maybe you would like to explore that question for yourself. Perhaps you may wish to explore becoming a Reiki practitioner yourself. Please click here for information on workshops.

As always, I welcome your feedback. You can connect with me by phone or email, leave a comment here on the site or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

Happy Spring


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