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I just spent the most amazing weekend in the woods out in the Hockley Valley; an event hosted by Visions in the Woods proprietor Deborah Kolody and a team of incredible leaders.

It was an outdoor event literally in the beautiful woods of Hockley with many vendors sharing their gifts and services with each other and the participants. The theme was experiencing the elements of water, fire, wind, earth and storm and I must say they were present at every level.

Saturday brought an overcast day that developed winds, light rain and finally downpours. Sunday brought the fire energy of the sunshine to round out the event. Somehow, this full spectrum of Mother Nature added to the experience. I was definitely fortunate to have required power for my Biophoton Light Therapy and so had a cozy little nook under the upper deck of the house where I was sheltered from the rain.

The day began with everyone in the large Earth tent taking in the magical sounds of Michael Moon along with West African drummers Saikou Saho, Doug and Uta. After a welcoming message we all formed into 5 circles chanting the mantra of the elements, infusing them into our spirit as well as setting our intentions for the day. My intention was to make a meaningful connection with everyone that I had the pleasure of meeting. That intention was fulfilled tenfold.

I am so grateful for:

  • Each beautiful soul who came for a mini-assessment with curiosity and openness to receive the healing light and listen to the messages from their body.
  • To those who brought healthy snacks, drinks and our gourmet lunch that kept our energy strong.
  • To Michael Moon and Anthony Tilotta for the soulful inspiring music.
  • To each workshop leader – I heard nothing but incredible feedback for all presenters.
  • To all practitioners/vendors that I had the opportunity to meet – I am grateful for our exchange and look forward to our paths crossing again. I will cherish my new djembe, birdhouse, gemstone jewelry, music, Collective Evolution dvd, yoga top and hand knit dress.
  • To the wild life that continuously played in the air, trees and grounds around us – so entertaining!
  • To Diane Bator who gifted me one of her books.
  • To the Mono Cliffs Inn for a fantastic Saturday evening dinner experience.
  • To my hosts at Farmers Walk B&B, I will be back!
  • The volunteers for the weekend who assisted with every little detail.
  • The team of experts including event planning, promotional items, marketing and artists.
  • And of course to the visionary team of Deborah Kolody and Debra Jones who saw the vison through to reality.

I understand that this exact event will not take place again however the seeds will appear for something new in the future. The ripple effect of this weekend will create new portals of expansion within all of our circles. The possibilities are limitless. We are so fortunate to have such a community of talented and caring souls to celebrate life with. You can see a list of participants still by clicking here. Here is a small collection of photos from the event.

What have you participated in this summer that enriched your life? I would love to hear and learn from you.  You can connect with me by phone or email, leave a comment right here on the site, or click the contact tab at the bottom of the screen if you are reading this post on the website.

Till next time…Namaste!


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  1. Andrea Mathieson says:

    This sounds wonderful, Karen… and I am sure the many people you contacted during this time were richly blessed by your presence as well. I love the way you acknowledge the elements (rain and sun included) as integral to the event. So often, this rich ‘background’ does not figure in our experience but here I sensed it was welcomed, all of it! Sorry I could not be there, but I was communing with the beautifully articulate stones of Georgian Bay, my annual retreat to these remarkable stones that undergird all my writings.

    • Karen Armstrong says:

      Hi Andrea – yes, I believe most of us appreciated all the elements for sure. I know how much the Georgian Bay rocks and treck mean to you and so happy that we were both filled. Thanks always for your gracious comments. See you soon,

  2. Kathy Dionne says:

    Beautiful location! I live in Mono now. 🙂 I had planned on attending the event, but life got in the way. Please let me know when something similiar, happens again. I’d love to go!



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