Aging – Watching for Patterns

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patterns“Old age merely reveals all the problems the person has failed to solve in his life.” Luis Martins Simoes

Have you watched the commercial on TV recently that plays out 2 scenarios of the how the last 10 years of life could look?  One shows a man aging with grace and vibrancy and the other shows him deteriorating slowly but surely until no light is left in his system.  This is very real!  Our body is sharing with us every day how it is doing and what is out of balance calling for attention.  I have spoken numerous times around this idea.  That is why this quote above so spoke to me and I carried on reading further the insights of Luis in his research.

He looks at the emotional connection to various ailments that we experience in life and I will share one with you as an example.  We often hear the saying that a symptom is age related and a very common “age related” issue is eye sight. Here is what Luis shares about aging eyes.

Eyes – presbyopia

It is also called tired or aging eyes.

The person suffering from presbyopia needs to stretch his arms to see well. So when things are close up, he needs to move objects away from him.

He measures up the distance, moves away. He overviews. He feels closer to death.

Everything is ok, but what have I done with my life?

This condition normally starts at the beginning of the second part of the person’s life. It represents the quest for purpose. “I only have X years left. And I still have so much to do. Ah, if only I could push the deadline further away…”

Old people should be wiser and have an overall view of things. It is a shame that many can only see well at a distance when presbyopia prevents them from seeing properly close up. What the body shows the person suffering from presbyopia is that he still has a long way ahead. That he can see very well into the distance. In order to force the person to do this, the body has reduced his capacity to look at things up close; its capacity to see the details.

In our western society, old people do not cultivate wisdom but rather regret being old and not having lived enough. Nostalgia… “Ah, if only we could go back a few years!”

It is actually common that the majority of old people are unable to remember recent events, while having a vivid recollection of the past.

Farsightedness should not be mistaken with presbyopia. The person suffering from presbyopia needs to take a distance and to have an overview of life. The person suffering from Farsightedness lives in constant fear and anxiety: “I may be caught!”  You can find out more by clicking here.

I am always drawn to looking at the patterns or life situations that were present as symptoms that showed up in our lives.  We are often too busy to give proper attention to the little signs and so time keeps ticking and the symptoms gain more strength until we decide to listen or not! I recall going to my optometrist in my early 40’s and he stated that my eyes were showing typical signs of aging and that I would require reading glasses in the near future. I could decide when my arms were not long enough anymore to read comfortably. I went along with this and sure enough in a few years decided it was time to get some “readers”.  It was novel at first – finding some fun colourful readers to wear. This novelty wore off soon when my eyes grew accustomed to having the support to read labels and books and I found it very inconvenient to always find my glasses to read a label at the store.  I am now empowered to look for ways to reverse this trend and support my eyes back to their full natural ability. I’ll let you know how I make out.

How about you – are there patterns that you would like to clear now before they accelerate in your senior years?

I’d love to hear from you. As always, please leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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