Life Omnipresent Victoriously Expressed

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L – Life

I – Onmipresent

V – Victoriously

E – Expressed

By “life omnipresent”, I mean that life is present in all things.  It is not only in human beings, but in animals, trees, rocks – in every living thing, every object. Even a table is composed of the same energy that we are. It is part of the interrelated whole. It has function and is going through it’s own transformational process.  The same is true of the 75 million cells that make up the human body, and of every particle in each of those cells.  Not a single one is exactly like another, and each has it’s own destiny.  If we can accept this truth, perhaps we can learn to stop judging other things and other beings by limited human or cultural standards.  That would be a great advance, for it is judging that holds us back from giving and receiving unconditional love.

By “victoriously expressed”, I mean getting joy and love out of life every day.  We can accept change as an exciting challenge and use our energy to expand and become radiant. We do not need to live in a state of fear and anxiety.  It is no good to be obsessed with defending ourselves against enemies and fighting disease.  Instead, we can encircle ourselves with expanding energy.  Then we can resonate with each other in a natural healthy state of spiritual power.

North American society, for all of it’s freedom, too often imposes average standards on us.  We are encouraged to judge anyone or anything that differs too much from the norm as a threat to our health and way of life. No matter how strong our institutions, we feel surrounded by dangers against which we must mobilize our whole defense system.  We would do better if we could resist labeling so many things as enemies.  If we could see “threats” as challenges to stimulate our inner potential we could start radiating light that could really protect us.  We don’t realize that “defense” actually opens the gates for everything we don’t want to get into our energy.  When we think we are defending ourselves, we have leaking, sieve-like energy fields around us and depressed immune systems.

A healthy society should be composed of radiant individuals who are not offended by differences and do not need to live in a continual state of defense.  In such a society, we would not judge others. Instead we would discern what is appropriate and what is inappropriate for our own growth.  We would accept that no two of us are the same and enjoy that diversity.”  Taken from the book “How to Master the Art of Personal Health” by Jack Schwartz.

This is one of the reasons that I fell in love with the Enneagram system as it assists us in understanding our inner selves and others from a level of non-judgement.  It provides some of the clues as to why we each have developed our own unique set of patterns of thinking, feeling and acting based on nature and nurture. It helps us develop our emotional intelligence skills!  By sharing this passage with you, I acknowledge the challenge I have in holding a pure space of non-judgment for sure.  It is definitely the section of work from Abraham and Esther Hicks that I review most often – the Law of Allowing! See this short YouTube clip for that.

The bottom line is to release the struggle and move into freedom.  We’ll never get it done and we’ll never get it wrong and we’ll never get it wrong because it is never done!  So let’s just keep moving toward a better thought and better feeling and bigger expansion and brighter radiance!  If you liked the first Abraham clip, you’ll love this one:


Curious about the Enneagram?  Check out the upcoming workshop page on my website for opportunities to learn more about it.

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