2013 - Hawaii 2 307aTo continue along the same vein as my last post about taking personal responsibility, I found this passage in a wonderful book entitled, “It’s not what you eat, it’s what eats you.” by Jack Schwarz. And in this blog post, we’ll explore the barriers we have in life and how to overcome them by letting our own self-expression flow.

“Too often we set our potentials aside and put our desires on hold for someone else’s apparent sake. We create conflicts which don’t need to exist, either an inner conflict of, Should I or Shouldn’t I? or an attempt to justify our lack of expression because of what others expect of us.  Too often we create a time schedule by which self-expression, if it comes at all, can come only after we have fulfilled all social expectations, only to find that those never end.  We need to know what to do now, and then do it, in spite of everything else.  Spontaneity is not easy, especially for those of us who have family or obligations incurred by other structured situations.  Expectations repress natural spontaneity.

What can you do about it? Simply begin expressing mentally, without any brakes on! Divert your attention from the molasses-like situations of work or of living someone else’s belief systems.  Begin perceptual-zing what you would like to be doing right here and now.  There is no need to wait for a better time or for someone’s permission.  Perceive yourself fully and joyfully involved. Then because you have put it outside of yourself, you become non-attached to the result and you begin to get more radiant. The result is that time slows down for you.  Your work goes faster; you do it practically automatically.  You become so involved on one level of expression that the other levels begin to run more smoothly.

It is like a slow-moving river clogged with boulders.  The river is your expression, and the boulders are the barriers to your expression.  If you had to remove the rocks, it would be very hard to push them out of the channel.  You could spend all your time trying to get the rocks out of the channel without getting the river moving.  But as soon as the river starts to flow and gains power from the desire to get back to its origin, you will find that you don’t need to do anything to the rocks, because the current takes the rocks with it.  You do not need to remove the rocks if you keep the current going at all times.

Keep your current moving.  Generate new ideas and activity constantly. Do what you enjoy and the barriers to your expression will roll away easily; so easily, in fact, that soon you will not need to pay attention to them.  You see, you do not want to take time pushing rocks out on the bank where they might fall back into the river again.

Know that you can express at any time.  Guilt, fear, feelings of incompetence, and the belief that you must stick with it in order to succeed dulls your luster.  They keep you from what you love and from health and happiness.  People often put too much emphasis on what must be done and what should be done, rather than what could be done.  If you understand what you could do, then the “should do” is included and accomplished within what you could do.  Then you express not just yourself, but your higher self also.  Outside authorities tell you what you should do.  The inside authority, the higher self, tells you what you can do.  If you are not in communication with your higher self, your body will become dis-eased, because the energy flow has become stagnant.

The sooner you assume responsibility for developing a knowing system, the sooner you will become aware of what your potentials are.  Whatever you do, Love it!”

How many times do we delay our forward movement until we get everything in place or as Jack puts it, “push the rocks out of the way?”  I can recall a few of these situations.  When do we really have all the pieces to the puzzle? Not very often – they show up as we need them if we will just move forward. Again it goes back to your intentions and thoughts which have such incredible power!  So let’s infuse our dreams, goals and desires with positive intention and keep a conscious focus on them and then see what shows up in life to support them!  It can be very fun.

What rocks are you trying to push out of the way? I’d love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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