Part 3 – Understanding Vibrational Medicine – The Chakra System

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Chakra System

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Continuing from my previous posts Understanding Vibrational Medicine, and Understanding Vibrational Medicine – Acupuncture- Meridian System, in this final post of this series, I will focus on a basic outline of another of the body’s “Life Energy systems” which we refer to as the Chakra System.

We have discussed how a balanced flow of chi energy through the acupuncture-meridian system is crucial to achieving health; but the chi flow through the meridians is only one of the many human subtle-energy systems that must be in balance in order to maintain health.  Blockages in the flow of subtle energy through the chakra system can be an equally important contributor to dis-ease. In the yogic tradition, the chakras are said to function as emotional and spiritual energy transducers.  They take the prana, the subtle nutritive life energy component of sunlight.  Although chi and prana are life energies, prana is a distinctive and different form of life energy from chi.  The seven major chakras absorb and distribute prana to various organs and tissues of the body.  It seems anything that causes a blockage or disturbance in the flow of subtle energy through one or more chakras can also lead to the development of illness in the body. One of the most important causes of chakra blockage is chronic emotional stress and emotional energy imbalance.  Just as physical toxins can produce illness, emotional toxins can poison the spiritual as well as the physical bodies in various subtle ways. Chronic anger, hatred, bitterness, greed, hopelessness, loneliness and depression may lead to illness, because these negative emotions create chakra imbalances that shut down the flow of pranic life energy to our body’s vital organs.

Yogic tradition further sees each of the seven major chakras resonating with and being influenced by a different type of emotional energy.  If our thoughts and emotions become imbalanced because of chronic emotional stress, a constricted flow of life energy through one or more of the seven chakras can result.  This constricted life energy flow may then produce a weakness or predisposition to illness in different areas of the body.  Such energetic weaknesses in the body tend to act like the weakest link in the chain.  The weakest link in our chakra chain will be the areas where our bodies will tend to break down and develop problems. Furthermore, each major chakra has the capacity to function like a computer hard drive for storing memories or specific emotional and spiritual experiences, both positive and negative.  Our chakras may be recording the emotional patterns of the way we react and respond to daily life. It is said the very tissues of the physical body remember different types of emotional and physical traumas that we experience during a lifetime.  Indeed chiropractors and massage therapists have witnessed a phenomenon in which clients remember long-forgotten memories associated with an old physical injury when physical manipulation is directed toward that the traumatized area of the body.”  Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber M.D.

Medical Intuitive and author, Caroline Myss has done a great deal of research to substantiate the energy connection between the chakra system and the physical body in health and illness. In her book, “Anatomy of the Spirit” she goes into depth on this relationship.

cartoonSo what does all this mean?  We are highly tuned beings who interact with our environment in many more subtle ways than we have typically been taught in our current societal structure.  In order to experience a pure flow of health, vitality and happiness, we want to eliminate struggle in all areas of our experience.  This includes our thoughts, actions and emotions! That’s our journey of life – a continuous step by step learning experience to know ourselves and what brings us joy and meaning.  As I continue to remember that I have choice in every moment – I can create a new experience in every moment.  Do I?  Well – heck no.  Those patterns of response are pretty strong, however I am having more fun now than I ever have and that’s the path I plan to move forward with.

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  1. Gaye Martin says:

    Hi Karen – a very well written article on the chakras. I love the very simple descriptions of each one. I’m glad you mentioned Carolyn Myss . She has written many books on the creation of health and that is the name of one . Another I loved was ” Invisible Acts of Power -Personal Choices That Create Miracles ” .
    When you write about how your thoughts affect your life, I just finished ” The Secret ” by Rhonda Byrne and feel it has transformed my way of thinking . She followed that one with “The Magic ” and the ” Power ” which are next on my list.
    Congratulations on your article in the Era Banner . You certainly are one of our local heroes.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Gaye – wow, thanks for all your sharing here. I do enjoy Caroline’s work very much and have a number of her books. You may also like Bruce Lipton and the Biology of Belief! I was so very honoured by the call to interview me for the paper. You never know what awaits around every corner. I hope to see you at a future Women’s Circle, it will be great to catch up in person. Karen


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