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I am reading a fabulous book right now entitled “The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in Direct Perception of Nature” by Stephen Harrod Buhner.  This may take 2 blogs to complete, however I am interested in sharing my experience of this book with you.

The majority of modern peoples, if asked to find the place within their body where the unique self resides, would say that they live about an inch above their eyebrows and about two inches into the skull.  But most indigenous and historical peoples would locate the self someplace very different.  They would gesture in the region of the heart. For most of our history of habitation on Earth, that is where the seat of intelligence, the seat of the soul, was located.

Interestingly, as human consciousness orients itself in different locations in the body, it’s mode of cognition changes as well.  The verbal/intellectual/analytical mode of cognition so common among scientists is the mode utilized by the brain. It is linear in nature. We have been so habituated to this mode that we often forget there is another form of cognition. This second mode is the holistic/intuitive/depth mode of cognition. And when the seat of consciousness is located not in the brain, but in the heart, it is this second, more holistic mode that is activated. The heart simultaneously operates on multiple levels of functioning.

The heart processes and generates complex patterns of multiple physiological events: it sends hormonal, neurohormonal, electric, magnetic and chemical messages, as well as information about temperature and pressure to the brain and throughout the body.  All of these have deep impacts not only on our physiological functioning and health, but also on how and how well we think and feel – in fact, on our consciousness.”

I’ll end the book quote there for now and expand on it.  I am sure most of us are aware how much we reside in our heads as we embark on our day. The more I bring a conscious effort to bring my whole self into my awareness for more of my day, I realize how much I live in my head.  I am getting good at bringing awareness to what I am feeling about what is happening and then I transfer it all back up to my head to try and figure out what to do with or about it!  In the words of one of our Olympians it takes: “Practice, Practice, and more Practice!”  After all – that’s how we got to where we are by practicing having our consciousness in our head. I may be making this all sound like effort which is the which is the last thing we need to add into our lives but really – my current experience is revealing that when I settle into my heart – my experience of life seems to be simplified, to become more clear and definitely become more peaceful.  Now there isn’t a client that I work with that is not looking for more of those qualities in life.  Somehow when we combine simple, clear and peaceful – the next word that pops into reality is fun!

When we disregard the messages of our heart and body, that is when the flow of energy and the very processes that are controlled by our heart to keep overall wellness present get interrupted.  Now we are creating struggle.  A great question to repeatedly ask ourselves is: “Where are we struggling with life?”  I’ll give some real examples;

  • If you are having eye issues – what do you not want to see in your life?
  • If your ears are bothering you – what do you not want to hear in your life?
  • If it is digestion issues – what are you having trouble digesting in your life?

So I’ll leave you with this question this week and follow up to discuss options and possibilities for the next time! In the meantime, please feel free to send me your feedback! And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature you’ll find here on the site.

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    • Karen says:

      Hey Karen – I like your thinking!! I’m all for creating more “Out of the Box” thinking. See you soon for the walk in Queensville.


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