I tell people what really drew me to reiki and to the Enneagram was the ability to connect with my truth.  What’s the big deal with this anyway?  I believe that there is a direct correlation between connecting to our truth and true health and happiness.

I refer to a quotation that I often use in my announcements for Enneagram courses and that is “We are unconscious of 80% of what we think, say and do!”  That is a huge percentage and not one that instills a feeling of joy in most people! You see, we have been so programmed by life from the moment we entered this world, that our belief systems run most of our decisions.  Here are some examples that begin very early.

Depending on our environment, we learn what it means to:

  • Be first born, middle born or last born
  • Be male or female
  • Have both parents, or only one
  • Both parents work, or only one
  • Live in a house or apartment
  • Go to church, public school, Catholic school, pre-school
  • Have a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, cottage

Of course the list is endless and there are many books written on how to understand, cope with or support many of these above situations. As we get older we even learn in school how to influence people’s decisions under the course headings of Advertising, Marketing or Sales Communications. We have the world telling us what to think and how to think from every direction.  Author Eldon Taylor has written numerous books on how our minds have been programmed and how to begin the task of disconnecting from the outer world and reconnecting with our inner world.  You can check him out here:  It is no wonder that tapping into our own inner truth is a huge challenge.  It has been over ridden and buried so many times that the inner voice has gone quiet.

As a Type Two on the Enneagram, I developed a great skill of checking in with others and learning what their current point of view was and as long as it was not illegal or immoral, it felt very comfortable to take it on.  It allowed me to relate and have a common point of interest with them.  There were always certain issues that were very clear for me but I tended to lean towards a more collaborative view.  I thought that worked for me….or should I say it worked until it didn’t work any more.  Huh?  It didn’t work when I had to answer for myself, to know what my opinion was and risk that it was different from everyone else.  It began to get confusing as an adult when my opinions were challenged.  How could I discover and speak my truth and still keep the peace?  I felt lost and empty. Of course that was the beginning of my awakening journey. I learned that my attempt to keep everyone else happy, was not really working for my highest good.  I was paying a price for it.  I also learned that going along with others when I didn’t necessarily agree 100% was also not serving them in their highest interest.

Let me give you an example.  Recently a client came in and shared with me that he was completely ready to shift a specific emotional block that had been holding him back for years.  He had been doing regular work and shedding layers of this and now an inner voice was saying – it’s time to clear this for good.  He did not want to feel limited by this fear any longer.  Great – I was fully ready to support that.  We began the session and everything was moving along perfectly until we hit the wall.  The wall for me was – it was time for me to step up and really challenge this client to enter the fear zone even though he was trying to move around it.  His wall was staying with the fear until he broke through to the truth.  He was very convincing at one point that that was enough, it was all he could take.  My inner voice did not agree – I knew we were too close so I kept focused on the intention.  End result – the resistance dropped, clarity and truth shone through. Not always easy but always deeply satisfying.

Tolerating things that don’t seem that important to deal with or stuffing down your truth blocks energy flow.  Blocked energy flow affects our thoughts, our emotions which in turn affects the proper functioning of our physical body. That’s a whole other series of topics so let’s simplify it here by saying – we are paying a price.  What are you tolerating in your life that is really not okay?  What price are you paying for it?  I’m ready to assist you in your highest interest because that serves everyone!

How about you? Are you speaking your truth? I’d love your feedback! Here on my blog, you’ll get commentluv. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to leave a link back to your own blog when you leave a comment.

Until next time,


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  1. Jeannie says:

    I received this email (below) minutes after I received Karen’s email (above). It seemed so perfect that they came at the same time. I am inspired by it and hope it inspires other to live their truth!!


    Dear ,

    You are amazing. Many don’t get your Wayseer nature;
    but rest assured …

    The Wayseer experience is no more than this:
    A heroic soul born inhumanely open
    desperately yearning to express their truth.

    To you … a touch is a blow, a slight is a persecution,
    a connection is an ecstasy, a friend is a devotion, a daydream is a
    premonition, strictness is suffocation, and completion is death.

    Add to your brutally sensitive soul the overwhelming need to
    create, express, heal and transform — so that without the outpouring
    of honest truth, the creating of music or poetry or something of
    meaning your very breath is cut off …

    You must create or disrupt – you must pour out your entire being
    in each and every encounter. By some strange, unknown, inward urgency
    you never feel truly alive unless you are risking everything to
    express a dangerous truth you know inside.

    Thank you for having the courage to create…
    to transform…
    to be yourself unapologetically.

    For without your courage the world darkens
    and suffers the absence of your light
    and the rest of us Wayseers who are like you
    would not have your courageous acts to lift us
    and inspire our own.

    Rise up,
    Garret John LoPorto
    from the Wayseer Manifesto

    • Karen says:

      Yes indeed Jeannie – a great follow up message to share. It is more important than ever to know our truth and live our truth. Thanks for sharing this insight – let’s keep supporting each other!


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