I took a wonderful personal development course with Klemmer & Associates a number of years ago that provided me with many lasting pieces of wisdom to follow in my life.  The one I want to expand on today was an equation that went like this:

Intention + Mechanism = Results

We got into great discussions on what % we felt belonged to the left hand side of the equation if the right hand side was 100%.  At the end of the discussion, we realized that the answer was:

Intention (100%) = Results (100%)  The mechanism doesn’t matter as long as our intention is strong enough.  Anyone who has 100% commitment to their intention will ALWAYS get results because there are millions of mechanisms to support any given result.  The challenge is that we tend to carry too many to-do lists in our heads and do not give total commitment to any particular one.  We lack clarity and priority so we make slow or no progress.

Another powerful tip for me was shared in a coaching program with Michael Woodbeck who shared that “Consistent implementation of small steps over time always create results”  In other words, the journey of 1000 miles begins with one step!

So once we spend the important time to identify our main intentions, dreams, goals or as worded in my previous blog “Big Five for Life”, then we can create the steps.

The last tip that I want to share with you today is one that I find so powerful if you have a project that seems overwhelming.  Some of you may have heard of this term before, but I will review it for those who haven’t.  It is called the “Power Hour”. You need to enlist in the support of a buddy for this one or you can create a group. Here’s how the Power Hour works.

  • Together with your buddy or group, set an appointment in your day timer for 1 hour.
  • You may declare your intention for the hour to your buddy or team when you make the initial appointment or call at the start of the hour to kick off your power hour.  This will act as a quick check in to re-state your intention.
  • Next, jump in and take action.  Go for 1 hour.
  • At the end of the hour, call your buddy or group and report your progress.
  • Set the next Power Hour date and time.
  • Continue until your project is complete.

This system is addictive because you have made a commitment to yourself and you have the support of another person that you are accountable to.  You will also see the immediate results that the hour provides.  Consistent small steps will create results.

I have a couple of big de-cluttering projects in my house to tackle so I think it’s time for me to initiate a Power Hour!  Cheers to creating successful results!

How about you? Do you have projects that are not progressing as they should? I love getting feedback. And here on this blog, you’ll get commentluv.  This is an opportunity to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment.

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