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19508052_sAs I prepare to teach my Reiki Level 1 class this week, I have taken quiet time each morning before jumping into the business of my day.  I have been wandering around our property each morning with my bouvier, Tess.  As she strolls along checking out the smells of who visited the property overnight, I am listening to the birds, watching for the deer in the freshly cut hay field beside us and taking in the glorious summer smells before the heat of the day really hits. I find when I come back into the house that I am more centered and have given myself time to peacefully think about my intentions for the day. And though life can certainly throw curve balls, I find that somehow my highest intentions do get looked after throughout the course of the day.

Today – my intention was to write my next blog post and I was given the perfect tip on what to share from a colleague at the Chamber breakfast meeting.  She simply said, “Tell us more about Reiki.”

This beautiful gift was introduced to me in 1994 as I was going through a very stressful time in my life.  I was told that it would help me to “know my truth” and I really needed to know that.  So- how does this hands-on healing modality provide insight into our own truth you may wonder.  I sure did!  I attended a 4 day level 1 training course as my introduction to this natural form of healing that was given form and new life in the 1920’s by Dr. Mikao Usui. It was a life changing weekend indeed.  As we discussed the relationship of our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic or spiritual parts of our being with what we were experiencing in our current lives, a pathway began to open up for me.  At that time I used to get severe headaches and also was prone to cold sores.  As I received reiki treatments that weekend, the emotions that surfaced in my body when hands were placed on my head, neck and shoulders were very surprising.  I was storing all my emotions inside believing that I had to be strong to deal the with challenges of being a mom of 3 young boys, working full time which included travel and balancing the responsibilities of a house and marriage. I felt it weak to ask for help, and I sure didn’t know what I needed. (now that is part of my Type 2 nature from the Enneagram. Click here to read my blog post on Type 2 personalities).   You have heard the saying that we are like onions and the process of discovery is like pealing back the layers one at a time to come to the core or the heart.  Well this was the start of my journey to my heart and it has enriched my life in more ways than I could share here.  Dr. Usui would teach his students the five Reiki Precepts; principles that would guide one to live a happy, meaningful life and I would like to share them with you.

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honour your teachers, your neighbours, your parents, your friends.

Give thanks for all living things.

Earn your living honestly.

Reiki translated from Japanese to English means “Universal Life Energy”.  The beauty is that everyone has the ability to learn and share this gift.  Like prayer or love, it is something you can always do to support in times of stress or challenge for people, animals, food, the planet or specific situations. It is an honour for me to share the teachings of Reiki and to offer it in my practice. I give thanks to my teachers, Reiki Masters, Anita Levin, Rebecca Couch and Dean Noblett.

Is it time for you to “Know your truth?”  Check for upcoming courses by clicking here:

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