This natural healing modality originates in Tibet. The name “Reiki” (rey-key) comes from the technique as re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist in the early 20th century.“Re” means “Universal” and it is a general term for spirit or unseen spiritual quality, which serves as channel for “Ki” or “Life Force Energy.




The body is more than just a collection of functioning parts. Since everything generates a frequency, the body and its organs have their own energy field which is continually changing. All conditions of disease are rooted in this energy system. If our “life force” is low or blocked, we are more likely to get sick. But if it is high and flowing freely, we can maintain our health and well being.Reiki Healing Energy provides means to balance the human energy fields called auras and energy centers called chakras to create conditions needed for the bodies healing system to function.


The Reiki practitioner assists the client to heal themselves spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically by a simple laying on of hands. The Reiki practitioner must be a clear vessel through which the healing energy flows. He/She plays an instrumental part in the healing process, but ultimately it is up to the person to manifest harmony and balance in their own life.

Here is what one client had to say…

My name is Courtney Wright,  I have done my level one and level two reiki with Karen. 
When I started my level one I had recently been diagnosed with psychotic depression; I was scared of everything and not in control of my own thoughts.
When I walked into the space Karen had created for us I felt calm.  The table time I had with the group allowed me to let go of many of the emotions I was holding onto. It was so freeing. I was taught self reiki and I have used it every day since.
I went back the next year to complete my level two with Karen and fine tuned my skills.
With being able to use reiki to calm, heal and release emotions I have come off all medications and feel like I have control of my mind again.  I have been over a year of medication and symptom free.
I am about to start my own practice now in which Karen has been more then helpful in giving me advice.
I would recommend Karen as an instructor and friend to anyone who is interested in reiki and a positive change in their life.