Enneagram Workshops York Region

Make 2018 the Year for Outstanding Relationships

bigstock-Crowd-People-Circle-Collage-4926789Understanding ourselves is the first step in creating outstanding relationships.

  • We may know the people in our lives that push our buttons – but do we understand WHY?
  • We may learn that we keep attracting the same types of circumstances into our lives – but do we understand WHY?
  • We may know that we are different from others – but do we understand WHY?
  • Finally – we may know some of our gifts and strengths but are we confident enough to fully express them?

Join Karen Armstrong in one of the following events to learn about the wisdom of the Enneagram, a powerful personality system that unlocks the key to the questions above and much more. It is used worldwide to ease the challenges that show up in communicating with others. An invaluable tool for business and personal relationships.


What’s My Enneagram Type

A 1.5 hour interactive introductory program.  (Registration links coming soon).

Cost $20.00 (includes HST)

Please stay tuned for more dates.

Can’t wait?  One on One or custom group sessions are always an option. Great for office teams or families. Please contact me to learn more.


Exploring Enneagram Types in Depth

A fun packed full day of witnessing individuals who know their type come out and share from their perspective.

Date: Saturday, April 7th, 2018

Location: TBA

Details: TBA

Cost $150.00 plus HST To register:

Come as a couple $125.00 each + HST:

Grads wishing to re-audit $30.00 each + HST:


Awareness + Understanding Create Options which offer Change. Is it time?