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Biophoton Treatment York RegionI watched the evening news one day last week and was saddened to see a story on vaccines that reported parents were not being responsible if they chose not to vaccinate their children.  The report was explaining that there is a rise in childhood illnesses like measles because of the parents who are making the choice not to vaccinate.

There are thousands of reports supporting each side of the vaccine debate with Government bodies and Medical establishments providing the research to support vaccinations and other medical professionals and human interest groups like Think Twice Global Vaccine Institute providing research on the dangers involved with vaccinations.

I personally believe this is part of a much larger issue facing health and wellbeing in our world. The environmental toxins present in today’s lifestyle are taxing our immune systems so that we have less ability to deal with normal childhood illnesses. Right up there with the environmental toxic overload is the typical sugar laden, processed and genetically modified food diets that we live on and provide to our children. I cannot forget to add in the bombardment of electro-magnetic frequencies from all the wireless technology that permeates our society.  After this we can add the stress levels experienced by families working to just keep up with the responsibilities that they carry which depletes them of their “Joy”.  It is a challenging picture indeed.

Why do we have so many more food and environmental sensitivities today than in previous generations?  I believe this to be caused because of the over-burdened immune system.  Our bodies have too much to deal with so they are speaking out through symptoms and sensitivities.

Some parents will say it is irresponsible to send children to public school if they have not been vaccinated because their own children are at risk.  I have a good friend who teaches in the public school system and she reports having children sent to school so sick they can not even talk without coughing and their nose is running faster than they can provide tissue for, yet the parents have no backup and need to be at work to pay bills so the children are sent to school anyway. This second scenario can also have negative health implications for other students and teachers not to mention the child involved. It can be complicated.

The bottom line for us in Canada is that we have choice.  The Ministry of Health website has a link for form #4897-64E – Statement of Conscious or Religious Belief that can be completed should you not believe that vaccines are a wise health choice for your family. This is a Human Rights issue.

For me, it’s the complete picture.  To support a healthy immune system, we need to pay attention to how we are treating our bodies and what we are exposing them to. I have written this in many ways over the years however it starts with the basics.

Good Food – Adequate Rest – Exercise – Managing Stress

Add a dash of Gratitude.

This will provide you with a much stronger body that is able to deal with the challenges that life brings. So do your own research and make your own decisions knowing that whichever way you choose – all decisions carry consequences.

Here are some interesting websites to provide you with more information:

What do you think? I’d love your feedback. Please leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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Staying positiveI was asked by a colleague yesterday “How do we stay positive when the negativity creeps in?” Here in southern Ontario as with many other regions in Canada and the northeastern states, we are still in winter weather conditions. Last night we experienced -15 and though it has warmed up a bit today, the snow flurries have arrived. Even the winter enthusiasts are waning and looking forward to warmer spring conditions. The top world news stories do not paint a beautiful picture of peace and the astrological shifts are definitely stirring up the status quo. So, the question is a really great one and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on it here. Of course I am hoping that it will encourage others to share their strategies and tips as well. Below are 6 tips to staying positive.

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At our February Women’s Wellness Circle, Charles Brand of Appealing Environments, entitled his presentation to us as “Crystal Enlightenment”.  He reminded us that as we are moving into the Age of Aquarius that we are actually raising the vibration of our bodies and shared with us a way to support this process with crystals.  So how can we raise our vibration and how does it have anything to do with crystals like quartz and amethyst?  Well, Charles talked about how our bodies are a carbon base and carbon is close on the periodic table to silicon or Sand. We had the opportunity to look at “Sand” in a whole new way and explore our own “Self” in the process.

Quartz Crystals, Amethyst and Citrine are made up of Silicon dioxide (SiO2). Silicon Dioxide is the most abundant compound in the earth’s crust.  It exists as quartz crystal, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper, opal and commonly known SAND. As we are moving into the Age of Aquarius – I reference the writing of another researcher who speaks of this topic in his work.

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It is Valentine’s week so it feels very timely to be answering a question that was sent in from a Type 5 reader asking, “How do I stay connected with my emotions and not detach when it is important to do so?  Please review my overview blog on Type 5 for background.  I decided to reach out to my panel of experts…the Type 5s in my life for their input to this question.  Needless to say, it was not an easy response for the majority of them, which is why this question is so powerful.

Type 5s are in the Thinking Triad and identify powerfully with; “A sense of being a detached, outside observer of the world – not part of it. They resist recognizing physical presence and state, feelings and needs, from the book “The Wisdom of the Enneagram”.

All respondents shared that this was an ability that came after conscious choice and life experience; that cultivating awareness was a first step in making any shift to what the natural inner patterns are. In the book mentioned above, Riso & Hudson identify the power of the Enneagram to help us let go of the limiting mechanisms of the personality so that we can more deeply experience who and what we really are. Growth and change always are preceded by awareness. We typically are moved to make change when we experience a level of discomfort in the results that our natural learned responses to life are bringing.

So here are few responses this question elicited.

1.  I do disconnect in order to protect my ego. When emotions surface, I could get defensive or I couldn’t find my way out. The emotions initially stopped my thinking! This was an evolution, a decision to not be immobilized by my emotions, to invite a sense of curiosity in. To relax into it or surrender to worrying what people will think. To stay in my body and stay focused on the ultimate desire or outcome.  To bring clarity of purpose to what my partners in relationship need from me. To invite a level of honesty in – hiding and withholding have been life long patterns.  I had to find a safe environment to explore then remind myself that  “We’re all bozos on this bus of life. View it as a growth not a limitation…like the bud before it becomes a leaf. My ultimate desire – looking for peace and joy.

2.  Some strategies  learned are – breathing to ground in the body, nature, animals, being a mom helped to open up the emotional experience. When sharing someone’s story – try to engage in the bigger picture. Noticing some personalities are more difficult to allow emotional connection and realizing this presents a learning opportunity for her.  Above all – it must feel safe or there must be a strong realization that someone will benefit from the sharing of her emotions.

3.  Thought provoking question that I have often pondered.

The answer for me is to avoid isolation.  The more isolated I allow myself to be, the more comfortable I become with that disconnection.  I often force myself into social situations i.e: church, social invitations, to ensure I stay connected with people. Once I make that effort to be with people, I feel so much more alive and more open to emotional interactions and in depth communication!

Isolation also affects my relationship with my partner, possibly because he likes to disconnect but for healthier reasons.  He “allows” me to disconnect and that affects our emotional connection. I always force myself to say “yes” whenever we have opportunities to get out into the world together and interact with people. The more social events we participate in help me stay excited about our relationship and life. It is a constant battle for me because I am more suited to rural vs subdivision living. Living in the country as we do allows me to disconnect very easily.

Exercise also keeps me more emotionally connected.  I exercised alone for many, many years and that wasn’t helpful.  I could go and not talk to anyone…got the exercise but not the needed social interaction. Regular walking with a friend makes me want to stay connected with the world. Once I figured this out, I noticed I am able to stay happier, more energized, balanced and positive about my life and relationships.

4.  My first thought was “I’m always connected to my emotional side, I just don’t show it very well sometimes”. But I might be kidding myself; maybe sometimes the connection is just not there. I like to think that that’s not true. Then I thought maybe it’s not the same for everyone, and maybe some of us do actually drift away. They see it, but don’t know what to do to stop or correct it.

That brings me to a couple of places, possibly strategies (I’m not sure I like that word, because to me it means consciously acknowledging a weakness, usually keeping it to yourself -a 5 characteristic- and developing actions that hide the weakness from others).

One would be: consciously try to understand the impact on others (i.e. partner or friends). Example. You ask me to look at possible excursions on a vacation. I’m giving my time to do that, so of course that (should) show that I care. However, you asked me, which implies you see me in my own world and need to ask me rather than wait for me to realize it on my own. Or viewed another way, you always have to ask me because I don’t think about it first, or offer, so that fosters the “illusion” that I’m not emotionally connected and probably causes some frustration. It becomes important for a 5 to actually consciously look up and realize when that is happening, and how often: shopping, visiting friends, inviting friends, going out for dinner, picking a movie.

So first is recognition, and then second is action. I’m trying to do this more. Be proactive. Ask first. Offer your time before it is asked for. I’m learning that the “points” you get for doing that are disproportionately huge compared to the alternative. You’re probably going to do it anyway, especially if it’s important, so which is better? a grateful/relieved partner because you initiated, or you grumbling and your partner being frustrated and feeling guilty because they imposed on your time.

I’m not sure how relevant this is but does connect a bit with my action point above. My wife and I do have a couple of common TV interests, which will have us sitting together for an hour now and then watching and sharing. That goes away when the “season” is over. However, in those dry times, both of us (including me, the 5) are making a bit more effort to identify opportunities to replace that show with something we might not normally watch, to allow us to continue to share time.

These few responses incorporate a number of other common points that came up with an extended list. It represents a male and female perspective.

Common Points:

  • Recognition that there is a challenge within relationships that matters to you.
  • Create awareness – “catching ourselves in the act” of what path our personality tends to follow. When we can experience our current state completely without judgment, the old patterns will begin to fall away.
  • Be honest with yourself and your partner. Identify the parameters that work for you in exploring more emotional connection.
  • Get in touch with your body through breath, movement, noticing exercises, or physical contact with another person, animals or nature.
  • Find clarity on the positive outcome that change will bring for you.  Realize that the investment of your time and energy will bring you what you are ultimately looking for.

We all have our growing edge to discover, explore and work with AND we all have a connection to the Type 5 nature within us. I am grateful for the sharing and know that my experience has been expanded for the exercise. I hope you find the same.

I would love your feedback. Please leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one, via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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Living healthyI had the opportunity to appear on Rogers Daytime TV this morning as part of the Green Connections Networking group I belong to. I wanted to link being healthy with being green and sustainable.  I have been part of this great green group for over a year now and am so impressed with the personal conviction that each of us shares towards living in a more sustainable way, no matter what our business segment is. I have noticed that people who take care of themselves also have a higher propensity to make greener choices overall in life. I prepared a multiple choice fact sheet to work with for the interview segment that I believe might be of interest to you as readers.  I have highlighted the correct answer.

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Women's CircleHappy 2014! It is vividly cold for us here in Southern Ontario yet the sun is shining and that combination makes me feel very alive!  I am reminded that I always find myself feeling this alive and connected at the close of each month’s Women’s Circle. The Power of the Circle never ceases to amaze me – there is a foundational peace that resides when a group of like-minded people gather together in circle.

Founded 10 years ago by Jill Hewlett, the York Region Women’s Circle has been meeting monthly at various locations, bringing a diverse yet connected group of women together to share, learn, experience and laugh. I began hosting the summer outdoor circles at our beautiful acreage in Holland Landing many years ago and soon joined to co-host throughout the year. We now offer two locations every month with Jill hosting a Toronto location and I carrying forward the York Region group.

Every month we feature a different presenter to share their journey and talents.  It is experiential, nurturing and oh so much fun! Every month has first time attendees and those who rarely miss.  New friendships are made and new ideas germinated that bring women to something they never thought of before. There is an uplifting that is so valuable in our busy lives. When we participate in the circle, we find our power increase exponentially like a drop of water rippling on the surface of a pond.  There is power in numbers and when the commitment is made by many to come together in a circle to focus attention and joy, the circle emanates ripples of energy that can change the world.

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2013 - Hawaii 2 139aThis is a follow up to my last post where I shared that I had just returned from a beautiful trip to Hawaii and now I would like to expand upon “The Spirit of Aloha”.  As we move into the holiday time of year, we are inundated with the marketing of the season luring us to buy a multitude of material things yet the deeper meaning includes gratitude, reflection, giving and acknowledgement of our blessings. I found this passage describing the deeper meaning of Aloha and it once again struck me how we are all unified at the core of our roots.

by Curby Rule

For those who follow the path of Huna, or are fortunate enough to live in Hawai’i, it is common for us to use the word Aloha. We use it in greetings and farewells and in expressing love. But the word means even more; it is a way of life.

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My husband and I just returned from a beautiful holiday in Hawaii where we toured around Oahu for a couple of days and then flew to Maui to live in a beach house shared with 2 other couples for 10 days.  It could not have been a more perfect holiday; with ideal weather, vistas to fill every sense, excursions to expand our knowledge and our athletic skills and good friends to laugh and share it all with. We certainly made some plans for the top activities we wanted to experience and the rest of the time we allowed the day to unfold by tuning into what felt good. I chose to be completely “off” of work mode and completely “on” enjoying the time with my husband and friends.  I arrived back on Friday and still had no idea what I wanted to share next in my blog.  As I was catching up on the inbox…I came across this wonderful article in a Hay House e-mail about 10 ways to live happy and was reminded how much I enjoyed Lissa’s book.  Enough so, that I have given it to clients and friends this year. It is a perfect segway for keeping a little Island feel inside as I live each day!

10 Ways to Live Happy for 100 Years

man_1125In her public television special Heal Yourself: Mind Over Medicine, Dr. Lissa Rankin shares a story of Stamatis Moraitis. (The New York Times featured him in a recent article called “The Island Where People Forget to Die.”)

Stamatis Moraitis was a WWII veteran from Greece who came to the U.S. to get treatment for his arm that was mangled in combat. He wound up settling in Boynton Beach, Florida where he married a Greek-American woman, had three children, had a good job in manual labor, bought a three-bedroom house and a 1951 Chevrolet.

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Karen Armstrong - Reiki Master Newmarket

Last weekend I taught a Reiki Level 2 certification class. It was a joyful experience in so many ways.  As we sat down to lunch, one of my students commented that he didn’t know what he looked forward to more, the teachings or the yummy home-made lunch!  He even suggested that I start a new blog entitled “Reiki in the Kitchen!”  Well, I chose to start out with a single blog on this topic because it really did speak to me on the capacity of bringing the healing power of reiki to whatever we do.

I love to cook and prepare meals that nourish our soul and to sit at a table with others to share just adds more joy to the whole event!  When we spend time at the reiki training to open our heart and learn the sacred teachings of the Usui natural healing system, it only seems to fit that we also take time to nourish our bodies with healthful food to support the day.  I love to take time looking through my cook book collection to find just the right dishes to share for the time of year. I tend to focus around a soup dish and this past weekend was no exception.  I chose a recipe from Julie Daniluk’s book entitled “Meals that Heal Inflammation” called Ginger Butternut Soup. I will share the recipe below.  Served along with a salad of fresh baby greens, basmati rice and bread, it warmed our bellies and prepared us for the afternoon session.

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GoingWithTheFlowHave you been noticing the shifts lately?  You know the ones that are bringing up old stuff that are calling to be released!  Planetary influences are all about “releasing what no longer serves us” so I have been noticing with many clients and in my own life opportunities to release and to transform our thoughts and perceptions.  I took my reiki mastery training with Dean Noblett and Rebecca Couch of Heartlight in Schomberg.  Rebecca is an excellent writer and she posted this piece on Spirit Library that fits perfectly for the energies taking place right now. Here are some things to remember when the shift hits the fan!

Dean & RebeccaProcess Your Emotions Honestly Feeling makes you human. Allow your emotions to express themselves within you truthfully. Just be with them as they arise, because you have a right to feel however you do. Stay with them until you can name them – but don’t get stuck in them and don’t hurt yourself or anyone else with them! You are not your emotions; you are oh-so-much more.

Breathe and know that all is well.

Remain Calm and Carry On Just like any emergency situation, you can think and respond better when you are calm. Remember that there is great power and balance in neutrality. Don’t take anything personally. Be the neutral, objective watcher as much as possible. Have courage, and keep on keeping on…there are great insights ahead. Always put the oxygen mask on yourself first.

Breathe and know that all is well.

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